Bottles Transformed Into Glasses

Bottles Transformed Into Glasses

San Diego based company BottleHood creates unique glassware out of recycled glass bottles.

Vodka, beer, soda, and wine bottles are turned into eco-friendly glasses.

Recycled Bottle Glasses

Vodka Bottle Glasses

Beer Bottle Glasses

Water Bottle Glasses

Wine Bottle Glasses

Beer Bottle Tumblers

Spring Water Bottle Glasses

Wine Glasses

Beer Glasses

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  1. Alii


  2. DJnfl21

    wow, it’s realy cool

  3. dude

    you can actually do this yourself, check out this youtube link:

  4. Tara

    nice way of reusing them

  5. Zach

    Excellent Idea!

  6. longandwittyusername

    Why didn’t i think of that?!

  7. GeebsRilie

    Here’s a tutorial on how to do it! I love how these look!

  8. anusuya

    sweet jesus! how awsome

  9. Bellhomme77

    Do they treat the graphics on the bottles so they degrade slower after dishwashing and stuff? Or is it just resilient enough already?

  10. Trail-r-boy

    This is nothing new. In the 1970’s, the “Fleming Bottle and Jug Cutter” could be found under many a Christmas tree. The perfect gift for that handy-crafty person with to many bottles lying around.

  11. Art of Concept

    So cool! I so like the Absolut Vodka glasses! =P

  12. NiSa ZuL

    great… recycle concept. like it. :)

  13. viewer

    Maybe the most awesome thing on this site so far

  14. Gert

    Agreed viewer.

  15. Nick

    these are not the best ones, i love the ones that use the spout as a handle to create a goblet.
    great idea though

  16. Akki

    Good Idea but think about a person who doesn’t drink.

  17. Pete

    very creative and practical. Nice masterpieces.

  18. Connor

    The grey goose and absolute cups are wicked.

  19. Raads


  20. Alin

    Interesting, however most beverage companies already have their own personalized glasses.

  21. Kevin

    Nice. I wish i could do this myself. Anyone know a feasible way?

  22. Aoi

    awesome! i want colona one<3

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