Art Inspired by Client Feedback

Art Inspired by Client Feedback

Clever illustrations by Mark and Paddy were inspired by ridiculous comments, suggestions, and criticisms that designers often hear from their clients.

Series of posters features design feedback from clients and co-workers.

Client Feedback Turned into Art

Feedback From Clients

Design Feedback from Clients

Art Inspired by Design Feedback

Client Feedback

Posters Inspired by Design Feedback

Design Feedback Poster

Mark Shanley

Client Feedback Poster

Ridiculous Feedback

Paddy Treacy

Design Feedback Turned into Art

Sharp Suits

Feedback Posters

Design Feedback Posters

Ridiculous Design Feedback

Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy

Mark and Paddy

Design Feedback

Feedback Poster

Sharp Suits by Mark and Paddy

Ridiculous Client Feedback

Posters Inspired by Client Feedback

Client Feedback Posters

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  1. james


  2. Gert

    These… are.. a… RIOT!

  3. Shilov

    Hahaha The target audience one is bang on! And the sexy pig killed it!

  4. Sepehr

    Dealing with these comments and suggestions every single day!

  5. Leah

    “I’ll know what I want when I see it”…… ugh that’s so cliché but so true

  6. Jennifer

    Can i please buy some of these?

  7. erynne

    “Can’t we just use the image from the internet?” *FACEPALM* I’ve been dealing with this mindset for YEARS…

    But yes, all of these are hilarious! ^_^

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