Christian Popsicles

Christian Popsicles

Frozen red wine popsicles designed by talented artist Sebastian Errazuriz.

Cross ice cream sticks comment on the close relationship between religion and religious bloodbaths throughout history. Popsicles for the Church.

Crucifixion Popsicle

Crucifixion Popsicles

Sebastian Errazuriz Popsicles

Crucifixion Popsicles

Christian Popsicle

Sebastian Errazuriz Popsicle

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  1. Jeff

    The Popsicle reminds me of the blood Christ shed for the forgiveness of my sins. Thanks.

  2. BB

    I dont like it. Real christian won’t lick Jesus. IMHO it’s only easy way to have a few minutes of fame, and get publicity, that’s all.

  3. Gene


  4. Gert

    LOL @ licking Jesus. They would if he was from Mexico BB ;)

  5. criticaleye

    @BB: Agree. No real commentary by the artist. Just shock value.

  6. Swiper Fox

    This is Blasphemy!
    The Crucifix is a sacred item and should not be used as a common food product or utensil.

  7. pTc

    @Swiper Fox.

    The Crucifix isn’t a sacred item, its a Roman device for capital punishment.

    Good for the artist I say.

  8. jayrenee

    This is awesome.

  9. Swiper Fox


    It WAS a Roman device for capital punishment, where Jesus has embraced to die upon for humanity’s salvation.

    It has NOW become a religious item or symbol of Christ. Making it a popsicle is disrespectful.

    I guess… that you are NOT a Christian.

  10. BBB

    “Jesus Christensen on a popsicle stick” – I like it!

  11. yorp

    But if it were anything related to Islam, everyone would be afraid to make a joke. I hate double standards.

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