Matchstick Sculptures

Matchstick Sculptures

David Mach makes amazing 3D sculptures out of thousands of matches.

Matchheads series features creative portraits of humans and animals.

Matchstick Tiger

Matchstick Gorilla

Match Face

Matchstick Giraffe

Matchstick Elvis


Matchstick Crocodile

Match Head

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  1. Van

    beautiful, love them!

  2. Evie

    These are incredible. I didn’t know there were this many match colors. I hope he doesn’t have a fire.

  3. L

    This is amazing although I’d hate to see them go up in flames it would be amazing to light them and record them in extremely slow motion. Would be interesting to see also. After all Andy Warhol best said it art is anything you can get away with.

  4. satisfy25


  5. Art of Concept

    Outstanding! Very inspiring, unique and awesome art!!

  6. Darrell

    So… Did he paint them or do they actually make blue matches?

  7. ran


  8. mea


  9. Tara

    I appreciate the determination of the person who made them!

  10. Radu

    Lol imagine that burn.

  11. Chris

    they should light one and film the result from multiple angles with highspeed cameras… i think they would be pretty awesome

  12. Francesca

    Watching them I realise there are some people with a lot of time… great result any way

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