Time Traveling Photographer

Time Traveling Photographer

Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka travels back in time and inserts herself into old photos from her childhood.

London based artist uses digital time machine and visits places where she once belonged. Chino Otsuka navigates through the labyrinth of memory and poses for creative photos with her younger self.

1982 and 2005 in Paris, France

Time Traveling Photos

1976 and 2005 in Kamakura, Japan

Chino Otsuka

1979 and 2006 in Kitakamakura, Japan

Imagine Finding Me by Chino Otsuka

1984 and 2005 in London

Chino Otsuka Imagine Finding Me

1977 and 2009 in France

Imagine Finding Me

1985 and 2005 in Beijing, China

Time Traveling Photographer Chino Otsuka

1975 and 2005 in Spain

Imagine Finding Me Chino Otsuka

1981 and 2006 in Ofuna, Japan

Japanese Photographer Chino Otsuka

1975 and 2009 in Pont des Arts, France

Photographer Chino Otsuka

1980 and 2009 in Nagayama, Japan

Time Traveling

1981 and 2006 in Ofuna, Japan

Time Travel Photography

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Hmmm… Its like “Me & Mini-Me” characters in Austin Powers movies

  2. Sr. F


  3. Niyari

    This is really sweet

  4. sammy

    I wish I could photoshop like that. so convincing

  5. james

    I Like! Bravo!

  6. stefano

    very clever and emotional.
    it’s not only photoshop, you need some good photography technique as well.

  7. Betty

    IT must be great to get to do all that travelling.
    Great work!

  8. putu

    what a great idea for photography.

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