Marshmallow Cats

Marshmallow Cats

Japanese company Yawahada makes and sells cat shaped marshmallows.

“Cat and Paw Marshmallows” – Delicious addition to your morning coffee.

Available in chocolate and vanilla flavors. They float and slowly dissolve.


Coffee Cats

Yawahada Cat

Yawahada Marshmallow


CafeCat Marshmallow

Cat Shaped Marshmallow

Coffee Cat

Marshmallow Cat

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  1. Gert

    Manufactured stops being art but adorably delicious.

  2. Leah

    these are so adorable!! I’ve heard of marshmallow in hot chocolate, not coffee before though!

  3. Pearl Lamie


  4. Barrie Hall


  5. sarah fleming

    how can i buy these?

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