Beauty Standards

Beauty Standards

Creative photo series examines how conventional standards of beauty vary across different cultures on a global scale.

American journalist Esther Honig asked 40 photo re-touchers from more than 25 countries to enhance her portrait and show their vision of beauty.

“Make me Beautiful.”


Argentina Beauty Standards


Bulgaria Beauty Standards


Philippines Beauty Standards


Kenya Beauty Standards


India Beauty Standards


Morocco Beauty Standards


Chile Beauty Standards


Italy Beauty Standards


Bangladesh Beauty Standards


Pakistan Beauty Standards


Greece Beauty Standards


Israel Beauty Standards


Esther Honig Beauty Standards

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Beauty Standards

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Beauty Standards


Vietnam Beauty Standards


Indonesia Beauty Standards


Serbia Beauty Standards


Ukraine Beauty Standards

United States

United States Beauty Standards

Original Photo

Esther Honig

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  1. Erin

    original is definitely the most beautiful!

  2. Kathy

    Of course, Ms. Honig is beautiful in the original picture, natural beauty.

    But the interpretation of ‘beauty’ of each country artist is very interesting. In many cases, the artist left Ms. Honig’s natural beauty to shine through, with a few slight modifications which I find refreshing. In a number of cases, it’s interesting that the artist applied key traits that are common in that culture (more olive-toned skin, thicker eye brows, etc.)

    To be honest, I was the most disappointed by the US artist, but not surprised, at the ‘glamorous’ make-over that reminds me of the Beverly Hills 90210 babes.

    Thank you, Ms. Honig for this eye-opening exploration!

  3. Chase

    What a cool study! Whats up with United States changing so many features?…how rude :)

  4. jimbo

    Fascinating, such simple changes making such dramatic looks.

  5. Thunder

    An online freelancing platform like fiverr (where she hired the freelancers who retouched her orginal photo) is not a place to define beauty standards around the world. There are better ways to research and visualize this.

  6. Barrie Hall

    Great project.

  7. Swiper Fox

    They should have made the Philippine picture a light brown (kayumanggi) in color; not whitish in color.
    Who ever made her US picture doesn’t know how to make her beautiful.

  8. Shilov

    How come Bangladesh gets two entries?

  9. Caleb

    They finally did something with her hair. That was bothering me nd come to find out it was my country that made that change. The Italian concept is the one I like most besides the original that is.

  10. Fajar Satria

    I’m an Indonesian with Pakistan beauty standards hahahaha

  11. Alex

    Surprise surprise the thing that’s consistent throughout all the images is supple, youthful skin.

    As interesting as this is, I do question how effective this particular method was. The skin hue barely changed throughout the images, yet we know people don’t hold the same tones in their views of beauty. How about hair colour and style? Weight? These are all important factors that couldn’t really be explored in this example.

    This is really more of a study about cosmetics and makeup, which is interesting in itself, but hardly representative of beauty.

  12. zany

    The ability to make her beautiful lies primarily in the graphic artist’s skills (and it shows big time), plus it’s very subjective – it it the artist’s own opinion of beauty.

  13. NSF

    Original is always the most beautiful , USA Mmmmmm not really .

  14. Nirina

    It’s kind of sad how a fair few of the retouchers changed her skin tone, her hair and airbrushed out a lot of her natural features. India though…what happened to her body?? It looks like the Vietnamese person is the only one who left the photo almost untouched. Wow.

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