Creative Drawings by Redmer Hoekstra

Creative Drawings by Redmer Hoekstra

Unusual and creative drawings by talented Dutch artist Redmer Hoekstra.

Incredible drawings mix real life with fantasy. Humans, animals, vehicles, and machines are combined together into new surreal creatures.

Redmer Hoekstra

Drawings by Redmer Hoekstra

Drawing by Redmer Hoekstra

Surreal Drawings by Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra Drawings

Redmer Hoekstra Art

Redmer Hoekstra Drawing

Dutch Artist Redmer Hoekstra

Creative Drawings

Creative Art by Redmer Hoekstra

Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra Illustration

Art by Redmer Hoekstra

Artworks by Redmer Hoekstra

Creative Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra

Surreal Drawings

Redmer Hoekstra Illustrations

Artist Redmer Hoekstra

Illustration by Redmer Hoekstra

Artwork by Redmer Hoekstra

Illustrator Redmer Hoekstra

Modern Illustrations

Modern Drawings

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  1. ehson

    they are amazing……….

  2. Kamila

    Great works, some of them would be cool as sculptures, too! The pavement-brick frogs are my favourite, they could make some amazing street art.

  3. Kathy

    Very imaginative and clever! Wonderful rendering, which always amazes me. Kudos!

  4. sudarshan

    excellent, admiring, unique

  5. Pearl Lamie


  6. tozarin

    I wish I could draw like this or just having that creativity!!! amazing!!

  7. Gert

    I would buy these prints.

  8. POM

    Reminiscent of a cross between MC Escher and Monty Python. Well done.

  9. Glitch

    Some of these I look at and I see the hidden depths of human emotion, unfathomable and yet somehow brought to life on the page… and some of them I look at and just think: ‘that’s really flippin’ weird.’

  10. Fayezeh


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