Lives of Grass

Lives of Grass

Creative sculptures made of grass by Paris based artist Mathilde Roussels.

Beautiful art installation shows the cycle of life. Living human bodies made out of soil and grass slowly decompose and eventually die.

Grass Art

Mathilde Roussels

Grass Sculpture

French Artist Mathilde Roussels

Grass Sculptures by Mathilde Roussels

Grass Sculpture by Mathilde Roussels

Grass Art by Mathilde Roussels

Artist Mathilde Roussels

Lifes of Grass

Mathilde Roussels Lives of Grass

Grass Sculptures

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  1. Kathy

    Very cool! Wonderful display – it’s like performance art in that the grass grows and is ‘living’, and yet the ‘performers’ are sculpted. This brings a whole new meaning to the concept of the Chia Pet (okay, you have to have known that reference would come up ;-) ).

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