Clock Ring

Clock Ring

Beautiful and innovative ring designed by Gusztav Szikszai will show you the current time and look great on your finger.

Stylish clock ring crafted out of stainless steel. Three smaller rings rotate and display hours, minutes, and seconds.

LED lights make the time visible in the dark and the ring is water-resistant.

Modern fashion accessory eliminates the need for a watch.

Time Ring

Watch Ring

Ring Watch

Ring Tells Time


Futuristic Ring Clock

Ring Clock by Gusztav Szikszai

Wireless Charging

Ring Shows Time

Timepiece Ring

Ring Clock

Gusztav Szikszai

The Ring Clock

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  1. Jimmy

    It seems to be a un-necessary item to own, I would be nice to show someone but for practical use, just use your phone to tell the time.

  2. Gert

    LOVE this but I’d probably break it pretty quickly due to my job as an artist.

    Jimmy, not everyone walks around with a phone on them 24/7. This is for those sorts of people.

  3. Jimmy

    Gert, I think so, it’s more common to see people with phones rather then watches plus it’s more practical and functional to carry too. However I’m sure some people would love this. For me it seem’s a bit too up-scaled for common use.

  4. Alacia

    I think it’s a great idea. I’d rather not have to look at my phone, especially during class. It’s pretty rude to be always glancing at your phone. My main concern is that the ring is too big for me. It’s a little large so it looks a tad clunky, but a little smaller would be just perfect.

  5. Pilicks

    Alacia, I think this would be best placed in the thumb for those with dainty fingers. Good concept watch.

  6. John

    great product, is it on the market yet?

  7. Kevin

    Wait, so correct me if I’m wrong… the rings with the numbers engraved rotate right? As opposed to the possibility of the underlying rings with LEDs rotating?

    Doesn’t that mean your neighbouring fingers would affect the rotation of the rings, given that they’re slightly slightly pushed up against the ring?

  8. DzyDzyDino

    Imagine an alarm feature on it that sends a mild electric shock to the wearer… kinda like those novelty pens. It’d be an easy way to take a nap somewhere or fall asleep anywhere and make sure you wake up without bothering other people… although… it might take some getting used to. lol.

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