Burning Calories

Burning Calories

Delicious fast food set on fire in clever photo series by Henry Hargreaves.

Unusual project inspired by the obesity epidemic in America and the rest of the world shows the best way to burn calories.

As an alternative, you can exercise and eat healthy food.


Burning Donut

Burger and Fries

Burning Fast Food

Fried Chicken

Burning Chicken

Ice Cream

Burning Ice Cream


Burning Food


Burning Pizza

Hot Dog

Burning Hot Dog

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  1. sophia

    Pizza is healthy.

  2. Chief Beef

    Half of these “delicious” fast foods look too fake to be fast food.

  3. criticaleye

    Concept is interesting, but execution… not so much.

  4. Gert

    Real food burning is a lot more interesting. Next time don’t use wax.

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