Stand for Apple Devices

Stand for Apple Devices

Andrew Kim has designed a stand that can hold multiple Apple products.

Made out of acrylate polymer and birch plywood, the “Polyply” stand has enough room for an iPad, iPod Classic, iPhone 4, and a stylus.

Polyply by Andrew Kim

Polyply Stand by Andrew Kim

Polyply Stand




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Universal Stand

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  1. Professor

    I dont want to live in this world anymore

  2. Lilia Smiles

    Isn’t it kind of unconventional to have the iphone and the ipod sideways? But I don’t know I think Apple products are a little over-rated. Anyways, is the sole purpose of this thing is only to hold all of this stuff?

  3. bananaman

    Oh Professor Farnsworth, you so silly…

    And yes, I agree that its kind of strange for the iphone and ipod to be sideways. It would be good for those people who own all that stuff though

  4. gunneos

    In what way is it strange for the iphone and ipod to be sideways? Aren’t they how people watch videos on transport? Am I the only one thinking the stand functions as a very smart DIY computer? It’s certainly set up to look like one, with the keyboard and iPad. The iPod/Phone has its earphone jack facing the edge, much like in most laptops. The only problem with the stand is that it assumes we own all of the above.

  5. gunneos

    Oh, I see the sideways problem for the iPod. They don’t have that screen direction function. But who owns those click-wheels now anyway?

  6. isa.

    Couldn’t use it.. I don’t own a stylus.

  7. zunny

    the designer needs to get a life. what a short sighted, waste of time on self- indulgence.

  8. Brytt

    This could have been quite a nice design if he ditched the iPod and let the iPhone sit vertical in its place. The iPad and iPhone play music anyway.

  9. Sam

    It should be able to charge them!!

  10. Zack

    I’m not particularly sure why someone would have an iPod, an iTouch AND an iPad all in the same place, even if you’re at home- it’s time to let go of 1 of those devices at the very least.

    Cool idea* to hold your stuff like that, not very ideal that there’s no inserts to fill in for devices you don’t have or want on there*.

  11. Elliott

    I actually already have a device that holds all of my apple products. My macbook pro too, which this one doesn’t have room for. It’s called a table.

  12. Chedie

    This is almost bordering on vanity. Not all has the need or means to even own all devices. This would be for avid or die-hard Apple fans.

  13. Dominic

    i like it, but can make my own myself!

  14. dave e.

    Tough crowd, here.

  15. bugstomper

    The iPod and iPhone are sideways because the power plugs have to be easily accessible!

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