Steel Wire Sculptures

Steel Wire Sculptures

Gavin Worth makes beautiful and elegant sculptures out of black steel wire.

By bending wire into freestanding line drawings, the artist creates unique sculptures that engage viewers by involving them in subtle changes:

– When the light in the room shifts, so does the mood of each piece.

– Soft breeze might gently move the sculpture.

Gavin Worth Wire Sculptures

Wire Art

Gavin Worth Wire Sculpture

Gavin Worth Wire Art

Gavin Worth Art

Steel Wire Art

Gavin Worth

Gavin Worth Steel Wire

Wire Sculpture

Steel Wire Sculpture

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  1. Poet

    I like it

  2. MMM

    I would LOVE to have one of these!

  3. Lilia Smiles

    Simple but moving.

  4. Mon Sun

    Wow love the simplicity!

  5. palash...............

    No word. good………………………

  6. Shandya

    I really want one of those on my living room.

  7. Karlie

    This is so AWESOME

  8. TwinkleTinytot


  9. Douglas

    Impressive! Proportion, detail, shading…artistic vision!

  10. Julia

    Two words: Noah Saunders. Similar concept, but much more detailed…I do not work for him, I just own one of his pieces.

  11. aljoheri

    useless >converted to> priceless

  12. markpisces09

    One word “WOW”

  13. Girish jasoria


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