Eyelashes Clock

Eyelashes Clock

Unique meditation clock without numbers, hands or ticking sounds looks like a giant eye and shows time using eyelashes.

Beautiful and creative Lash Clock made by French designer Bina Baitel.

Bina Baitel

Lash Clock

Bina Baitel Lash Clock

Eyelash Clock

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  1. Peter

    very creative clock. I would have loved to see how the dials crossed, it’s a crucial moment I’d say but for some reason they choose not to show it…

  2. Swiper Fox

    How would anyone know which is the hour & which is the minute?… specially if someone woke up in a closed environment?…
    like 2:16AM/PM vs 3:11AM/PM…
    OR 10:08AM/PM vs 1:50AM/PM

  3. QMQ

    How do you tell the minutes from the hours?
    12:15 would look like 3:00

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