Ballerina Clock

Ballerina Clock

Creative wall clock designed by Meike Harde uses the movement of a ballet dancer to show hours and minutes.

Ballerina replaces clock hands and provides visual representation of time.

Black Swan Clock

Ballet Dancer Clock

Time is Dancing

Dancer Clock

Dancing Clock

German Designer Meike Harde

Time is Dancing

Meike Harde

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  1. Don

    It’s pretty creative though! would be funny if it was 08:50 or something :D

  2. vivek

    super creative

  3. criticaleye

    Neat idea, but time isn’t represented clearly. Which part of the body represents hours/minutes/seconds?

  4. Gert

    Critic clearly the hands are easy to identify. The body is the hour, the right leg is the minuet hand and the left leg is the second hand. You can tell by the lengths and simple logic skills.

  5. criticaleye

    Gert: The legs look to be the same length. After looking at the artist’s site, it seems that the leg pointing downward is stationary, while the body represents hours and the other leg represents minutes. Could be confusing at a glance… you’d need to look at it for a while to see which leg is moving to determine minutes.

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