Bicycle Street Vendors

Bicycle Street Vendors

Unique photo series highlights the beauty of food and flower street vendors on bicycles in Vietnam.

Vendors from Above project by talented Dutch photographer Loes Heerink.

Bicycle Vendors

Bicycle Vendors in Vietnam

Bicycle Street Vendor

Bicycle Food Delivery

Bicycle Vendor

Bicycle Vendors from Above

Loes Heerink

Vendors from Above

Loes Heerink Vendors from Above

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  1. Swiper Fox

    During transport, the fruits and flowers should be covered at all times. They could fall off, or get stolen by passing-by thieves. Also the cover would protect them from the weather.

  2. eemke

    NICE !!

  3. swiftsuz

    Indian vendors should see this and instead of sitting on the streets they can get inspired and sell their stuff on bicycles.This can protect the fruits and vegetables or flowers from the dirt and flies or bugs too.Step up you guys!

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