Transparent iPhone

Transparent iPhone

Beautiful commercial filmed by Dakota Adney showcases Apple iPhone with transparent screen and laser projection keyboard.

Concept video shows innovative features that advances in technology can bring to future generations of the iPhone.

Transparent Screen

Clear iPhone Concept

iPhone Concept

Apple iPhone Concept

Transparent iPhone Concept

Slide to Unlock

iPhone 5 Concept

Laser Projection Keyboard

iPhone with Laser Projection Keyboard

Laser Projection Keyboard


iPhone 5 Commercial

Transparent iPhone

See-through iPhone

Clear iPhone

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  1. Diego

    i want it.

  2. gunneos

    sorry, makes it a bitch to read. rather have a built in background. and the keyboard will need a surface to project on, so i don’t see the point either.

  3. Artoix

    Almost useless. Besides it shows no innovation in interaction and UI except the camera – all the rest is the same. Hardly Apple would make such ‘innovation’

  4. carlos

    i still don’t care why people care so much about transparent screens, it’s good for movies and that’s about it

  5. AppleLover

    Hmm while it sounds interesting, I am not quite sold on the rumored changes.. if I look at my screen to read an email or see a pic, i don’t understand how the see through feature will prove to be useful? Only confusing and more difficult to read. Next?!

  6. Frederick


    Apple called their design of a rectangular phone with rounded edges “innovative.”

    Photo-transparent iPhones may actually be pretty nifty.
    And if not, they can always make the apps non-transparent or have the option of something like a smartcover for the iPhone, so that it always has a nice background.

    Plus, it’d be a great teleprompter!

  7. Gert

    Pointless. But most Apple ‘innovations’ are.

  8. Brony

    Gimme, Gimme!!!

  9. amin

    i want it plz give me one.

  10. HAHA

    The point here is that it is transparent. We like transparent devices
    Even if it was not iphone, people will still love the concept.
    But this all transparent sci-fi is non-sense, it has zero privacy protection.

  11. Stace

    The transparency part’s cool and all, but I would KILL for that keyboard. I hate touchscreen keyboards, but putting it on flat surfaces all the time could be troublesome on the go.

  12. Alex

    I refuse to believe that people in the future will still be listening to skrillex

  13. Asad

    Where is the placement of battery and the circuitry please?

  14. TheRadicalRadish

    I already lose my phone way too many times. I don’t really need another reason to lose it!

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