Grass Roof House

Grass Roof House

Beautiful house located in Porto Feliz municipality of Sao Paulo state in Brazil features green roof covered with real grass.

Planar House” designed by Studio MK27 perfectly blends into nature.

Grass roof with solar panels and skylights mimics the surrounding lawn.

Green Roof House

Plant Roof House

Plants Roof House

Grass House

Planar House

Studio MK27 House

Studio MK27 Grass Roof House

Flat Roof House

Studio MK27 Planar House

Studio MK27

Lawn Roof House

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  1. josh

    This neat… by my only peeve with this is that you have this awesome grass roof… and the only access is a ladder? No ramp or way to show it off? Other than a drone… I can think of a dozen better ways to show it off and include better access.

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