Hill House

Hill House

Unique house with a hill designed by Australian architect Andrew Maynard.

Located in Melbourne, the house features modern interior, large kitchen, beautiful spiral staircase, and private backyard with plenty of space.

The exterior of the house is covered with artificial grass.

Hill House by Andrew Maynard

House with a Hill

Hill House by Andrew Maynard Architects

Modern Blinds

Modern House

Hill House Kitchen

Hill House Staircase

Andrew Maynard Kitchen

Andrew Maynard Interior

Hill House Interior

Andrew Maynard Table

House with Artificial Hill

Modern Hill

Andrew Maynard Backyard

Hill House Backyard

Sitting on a Hill

Andrew Maynard Team

Andrew Maynard Architect

Hill House in Melbourne

Andrew Maynard


Andrew Maynard Architects

House by Andrew Maynard Architects

Andrew Maynard Hill

Hill House in Australia

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  1. Kendo0472

    I like.
    It’s kind of like a mini golf course.

  2. Douglas

    The design is modern and unique, but…does it fit with existing homes? What’s up with the astroturf Mt. Kilimanjaro? Spiral staircase’s look cool but are a pain of daily living! What appears to be the master bedroom is a theater for the neighbors unless closed always. Why no street view?

    Maybe they could have made hill and side of house a climbing wall. More pics than most Toxel entries. And furthermore….

  3. Ben

    Surely the Building Code of Australia requires that a handrail be installed with a 3m drop off on the side.

  4. Corey

    similar to MVRDV’s balancing house. i like very much

  5. Rudy

    Very smart design. I love it!

  6. Lance

    often in design, i see features and ideas that are innovative and unique, but poorly executed…this one fits the bill…i like the cantilever design, the idea of a house built into a hill, the open design…but something is missing…the house seems disjointed, visually..it’s unique, but uglier than a fried boot

  7. Gert

    Meh, not a fan.

  8. Rob

    good thing its not real grass… could you imagine trying to mow the hill?!?!

  9. sean

    poor. astroturf doesn’t even look good on a football field. looks like it was designed by ipod fanatics. especially the photo of the asian girl sitting on a railing reading. seriously, that is where she will read her books?

    the more i think about actually living there the more i think it is very poor

  10. kadal

    like the house….and the girl too :P

  11. dax

    the fake grass is a little too obvious. i would lose my mind

  12. Rob

    i mean, its a great concept… just poor execution.

  13. subarulol

    @Rob i think its great execution :) thats how they wanted it and afterall, home is where the heart is

  14. Unicorn

    I would build a water-slide from the hill…that would be fun :)

  15. Rebekah

    Why so negative? It’s much more interesting than most houses. I like it.

  16. Ed

    I really like it.

    I’m thinking though, I’d have the main bedroom on the bottom floor and the living area up top to get amazing views and sun in.

    But that’s just me.

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