Vegetable Birkin Bags

Vegetable Birkin Bags

French luxury Hermes Birkin handbags made out of real fruits and vegetables.

Series of Vegetable Birkin Bags created and photographed by Ben Denzer.

Iconic look of classic Herm├Ęs bags inspires “art good enough to eat”.

Cabbage Birkin Bag

Vegetable Handbags

Apple Birkin Bag

Apple Handbag

Cucumber Birkin Bag

Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Banana Birkin Bag

Banana Handbag

Asparagus Birkin Bag

Vegetable Bags

Apple Birkin Bag

Edible Birkin Bags

Ben Denzer Vegetable Birkin Bags

Vegetable Handbag

Vegetable Bag

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  1. eemke koppelman

    what a waste of good food

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