Inflatable Computer Mouse

Inflatable Mouse

Jellyclick – an inflatable computer mouse, was created by a group of Korean designers. If you do not have space in your notebook bag for a regular mouse, this is the one to consider.

Portablity is very important for a laptop mouse. Emphasis on portablity results in decrease of the usability and vice versa.

‘Jelly click’ is a flat type portable mouse that can be used by being inflated satisfying both portability and usability of a laptop mouse.

When deflated the user can fold it up for a convenient portability and when inflated and in use a feeling as if you were touching a soft jelly or even a balloon can be felt.

Inflatable Computer Mouse 2

Inflatable Computer Mouse 3

Inflatable Computer Mouse

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  1. Robert J.

    HAHA, nice idea!

  2. Sarah


  3. Peter

    What, it doesn’t autoinflate with USB power?

  4. z3nk

    mouse and keyboard is reaaaly dirty after some usage… i dont want to put it near my mouth…cool idea though.. :)

  5. elems

    wow neat idea lols =]

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