Holy Smokes Coffin Matchbox

Holy Smokes Coffin Matchbox

Unusual matchbox from South Africa is designed to look like a small coffin.

Holy Smokes pocket-sized coffin-shaped matchbox by Amy Gajjar adds a unique touch to carrying matches.

It comes with clear lighting instructions, a secure latch, and can hold elongated matchsticks.

Made from recycled egg cartons and featuring sulphur-free matches, it’s both trendy and environmentally responsible.

Holy Smokes: the matchbox that gets lit and keeps the party going.

Need a conversation starter at the BBQ or Halloween party? Whip out your Holy Smokes Coffin Matchbox and watch the sparks fly… literally!

Holy Smokes Matchbox

Holy Smokes Matches

Holy Smokes Match Box

Coffin Shaped Match Box

Coffin Shaped Matchbox

Coffin Match Box

Coffin Matchbox

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