Wadi Rum Desert Resort

Wadi Rum Desert Resort

Unique hotel will be carved into the side of a mountain in Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Designed by Oppenheim architects, Wadi Rum luxury resort will attract many tourists and rock climbers who always wanted to see the desert.

Cave inspired rooms with large windows will offer breathtaking views.

Wadi Resort

Hotel Carved into a Mountain

Cave Hotel

Resort in a Desert

Oppenheim Architecture

Wadi Rum Resort

Wadi Rum Desert

Wadi Rum Mountain Resort

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Mountain Resort by Oppenheim

Wadi Rum Desert Resort by Oppenheim

Wadi Rum Resort by Oppenheim

Wadi Resort by Oppenheim

Mountain Resort by Oppenheim

Mountain Hotel by Oppenheim

Mountain Resort

Hotel in a Desert

Mountain Hotel

Cave Hotel by Oppenheim

Hotel in a Mountain

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  1. reason

    Tonight its not about where you are but who you’re with.

  2. woops

    *to be featured in the next James Bond movie for sure no doubt*

  3. kadal

    the best is, woke up in the morning then shout YABBA DABBA DOO…!!!!

  4. Frank

    Allthough it looks quite nice it is actually a terrible waste of resources and natural environment.

    Created just to amuse some spoiled childish far too rich people and some big ego architects?

  5. esta

    those walls will cave in and it wil b tragic

  6. niel

    Not the thing the wadi rum desert needs! Keep it dark and clean.

  7. Betty

    It looks like Volcan.

  8. Daniel Charbonneau

    in a few words: cavemans of the 21st century!

  9. Dominic

    beautiful, shame its only a rendering!

  10. Leia

    There is no denying that it looks beautiful but….There is so little natural environment left and we’re gonna use it to make a hotel for rich, bored people?

  11. gunneos

    i kinda would rather see it in all its natural, inaccessible glory. all those straight lines are an eyesore.

  12. hassan

    I see as very innovative architecture piece. It will help the economy of Jordan and also provide stayers the appreciation of the desert beauty for those who could afford the price. In short it a win win case. This is contingent on not spoiling the environment though.

  13. Actual Designer

    This is probably some of the worst photoshop I have ever seen… you would think that a resort would hire a designer.

  14. Ben

    I’m not sure I’d want a “big large window” in the desert…

  15. Gert

    Add in some Star Wars costumes and you have a set…

  16. Max

    @Actual Designer
    You don’t have much experience with architecture do you?

    Regardless the project looks nice. Would like to see how it looks and feels like when it’s realized.

  17. Mark

    Personally I have been lucky enough to have camped overnight in Wadi Rum. It is a unique place of absolute beauty & tranquility, & this would be totally ruin it in my humblest opinion.

  18. Diego Urbina

    Paradise… :3

  19. argon-76

    Nothing new under the sun… no fantasy, no innovation, no sense.

  20. Yasmeen

    This is RIDICULOUS.

    Wadi Rum is beautiful as it is without buildings and technology – thats what makes it unique and outstanding – and I for one know for a FACT that the natives there won’t like this at all!!!!

    I hope the ministry of tourism comes to its senses and NOT DEPLOY this!!! TOTALLY UGLY.

  21. Casey

    Have to say….the renderings fail miserably at demonstrating a serious attempt to design a functional, appropriate use of the area. Concepts are great, but coming up with the concept is the easy part.

    This looks more like a get-rich-quick scheme by exploiting a naturally beautiful area without any long-term considerations. Even immediate obstacles have clearly been overlooked.

    Just horrible, really.

  22. Glenn

    Wadi Rum should be left as pure as possible. A hotel like this would require new roads, new sewage facilities, etc., etc. There would be very little benefit to Jordan. It would only benefit the super rich.

  23. AMA

    It’s amazing, I don’t why you guys say it’s a waste of resources, this resort could make a new tourism chances in the area, I would totally spend my money for a one night in this hotel !

  24. A bored housewife

    One night whilst I was wandering in the deserts of Jordan, I happened to come across a cave dwelling hotel of sorts…

    Just, No.

  25. not in Jordan

    Jordan?? really??? while the Wadi Rum surely is a beautiful desert, why would anyone in their right mind would want to go vacationing in that part of the world??? Constant conflict, ongoing war, dont know where the next wacko might blow something up?!?!? There are much nicer places to go… good luck with making any money out of it

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