Walking House

Walking House

Innovative house with six hydraulic legs designed by Danish art studio N55.

Solar powered Walking House was constructed out of steel and plywood.

It is equipped with small kitchen, composting toilet, integrated furniture, comfortable bed, and a system that collects rain water.

The movement of the house is controlled by a touchscreen panel.

Mobile house allows people to live a peaceful nomadic life, moving slowly through the landscape with minimal impact on the environment.

N55 Walking House

House Can Walk

Walking House by N55

Compact House

Walking Kitchen

Solar Powered House

Walking House Interior

N55 Walking Home

Walking Home

Walking Building

Home with Legs

House Walks

Mobile House

Walking Home by N55

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  1. Enrico Martinez

    Joke: (two friends went 4 blocks away from a bar)

    House Owner- Now where did I put my keys? (looking down, searching his pockets)

    Friend- Hey Buddy… Forget the keys? Where did you put your house anyway?

    House Owner- (looking up) What??? Its not here! Let’s call the police for a missing house.

    Friend- Not yet. Let’s wait for 24hours before we report it… in case your house came back here.

    House Owner- Oh, I forgot. Let’s go back. I left it just beside the bar we have been, so we don’t have to walk far from the bar. I moved my house there from here yesterday.

  2. Matt

    Somehow I don’t see that house doing very well walking through a muddy field… nice arty idea but totally impractical, needs more development moving forward

  3. Gert

    Um… so it’s a mobile home with legs… and a rather ugly one at that.

  4. jimbo

    dumb, dumb, dumb, de dumb, dumb de dumb… seems like starwars is trying to be revisited. Maybe in another galaxy it will work.

  5. Honkerburger

    looks like a giant barbecue smoker. Whenn the sun is heating up this one, people inside will feel like spareribs.

  6. Libeerian

    Dude, buy a Winnebago.

  7. Betty

    Howl’s Moving Castle anyone? This house is really cool.

    Some of you sound like…adults…geez. Where is your imagination and sense of the whimsical?

    I suppose there has to be your type–the ones that back in the 60’s, thought Capt. Kirk’s flip phone was “dumb”.

  8. Lilia Smiles

    The house should be all-terain…go in mud, sand, water…now that would be AWESOME!

  9. pTc

    The antonym of Caravan must be this!

  10. Ru

    @Betty- Howl’s Moving Castle was my first thought too! I love this!

    Of course it’s impractical but so are many of the coolest things in life

  11. AkiPokes

    it’s a mini Howl’s Castle!… in a modern way. awesome.

  12. Stefano

    It’s scary..

  13. David

    Kinda creepy looking. Ah well. If it works, it works.

  14. Kim. C

    Reminded me of Howl’s Moving Castle

  15. bryce

    tell me they they make a walking castle

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