Mirror Butterfly Wings Costume

Mirror Butterfly Wings Costume

Breathtaking costume for beautiful dancers and Halloween parties features large butterfly wings made out of thousands of reflective mirror pieces.

Mirror Butterfly Wings Costume designed by EtereShop will add a sparkling touch to any nightclub, festival, or event.

Butterfly Wings are created from premium Italian acrylic mirrors that reflect light like a diamond. Available in silver and gold.

Whether on stage or at a party, you will shine brilliantly under any lighting.

Mirrored Butterfly Wings

Acrylic mirror sheets are cut using a precision laser cutter. This step ensures that each mirror piece has smooth, rounded edges, reducing the risk of injury.

Mirror Wings Costume

The acrylic material is durable and shatter-resistant, providing the look of real mirrors without sharp corners.

Mirror Butterfly Wings EtereShop

Mirror Butterfly Wings design adds some fantasy and elegance, making the costume a standout piece that captures attention.

Mirror Wings

Lightweight and easy to wear, Mirror Butterfly Wings are designed for comfort and durability, allowing you to move freely and perform with confidence.

EtereShop Mirror Butterfly Wings

Reflective mirror pieces create a stunning visual effect that sparkles under any lighting, whether it’s stage lights, laser projectors, or sunlight.

Mirrored Wings

Light up any event with stunning Mirror Butterfly Wings Costume, crafted from thousands of dazzling mirror pieces!

Mirror Butterfly Wings

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