Costume Made Out of Mirrors

Costume Made Out of Mirrors

Street performer dressed in a costume made from hundreds of mirrors was spotted near Griffith Observatory in downtown Los Angeles.

It looks like the Mirror Man made quite an impression on the surrounding people. Series of photos by SiLver sKY.

Mirror Man in Los Angeles

Mirror Man Street Performer

The Mirror Man

Mirror Man in LA

Mirror Man

Mirror Man Costume

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  1. url00


    New super hero/villain?

  2. Enrique Ramírez

    W O W

    That’s awesome!!

    Quite a costume for Halloween night!

  3. GustaveCo

    Outstanding! Very very awesome.

  4. Goose

    can i play poker with him? LOL

  5. Critical Eye

    Very cool.

  6. Pete

    Awesome! Wonder if he still has all his fingers after creating that ;)

  7. Mr.Rainbowfist

    Oh god this is so awesome. Although it’d be hard to move around in, haha.

  8. adkarta

    just like silver surfer :D

  9. Daniel

    NICE :D

  10. Tony

    That is Sick!

  11. 2LV2

    That must be very warm inside!

  12. Aarti Harish

    He looks as if he’s almost invisible…!!

  13. albert


  14. John

    Please… Don’t… Fall.

    Looks VERY cool!

  15. Vibha

    Intresting but not practical.

  16. Donnie Ross

    It’s Hollywood…in LA, everyboy’s an artist – a creator.

  17. Don

    Its very awesome and creative AND original! but.. how are you able to sit;

  18. Kenny Glenn

    Thats pretty sweet. GLASS SUIT UP.



  20. lanvy

    Man…that’s hot!! I mean that literally….to be suited in that at G.Park cannot be comfortable…but very Cool.

  21. Betty Cires


  22. latincrow

    so cool yet so scary

  23. Mask

    Epic is the only word.

  24. raads

    oooof! that must be a pain to wear

    but must be cool

    i think…

  25. Chedie

    Wow! It just… “sparkles” in my eyes! LOL

  26. Karen

    woah. intense. how does he move? this is awesome.

  27. cindy

    fantastic specticle!

  28. Auzy

    Move over iron man! Mirror man here to blind you unexpectedly during day time!

  29. Karin L.

    It’s not a costume if you can’t wear it.

  30. Wondrin

    if he falls…is that 7 billion years bad luck ?

  31. nirdnoW

    Not to mention the bad luck for tailoring the suit!

  32. Kimmo

    He gives the MJ-song “Man In the Mirror” a whole new meaning :)
    Cool suit!

  33. smeshnoj

    Super!!! fantastic specticle!

  34. timmay

    hahaha i agree with kimmo is does. awesome idea, i wonder how he made it though?

  35. Bill

    This thing is awesome! The suit/face makes him look like a mobster. A very reflective mobster.

  36. Lee

    Mr. Glass was the villian in “Unbreakable” with Bruce Willis. He was played by Samuel L. Jackson.

  37. Andrew

    Lady Gaga would be proud

  38. Joy

    I think it would be of a lot fun to dance with him, always seeing myself on him. That’s really a great work. It’s about the interaction of others.

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