SMART Car Vending Machine

Car Vending Machine

This Japanese SMART Car Vending Machine offers two choices: coupe and cabrio.

Pushing the button on the vendor won’t exactly pop out a car, but it does dispense a branded tube containing pamphlets on the new models, dealer information, and a sheet of Smart Car stickers featuring available colors.

SMART Car Vending Machine 2

SMART Car Vending Machine 3

SMART Car Vending Machine

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  1. dusho


  2. ian roycroft

    Wow, if they can afford to waste money to build a big machine like that and leave a car inside it they’ve gotta be rippin u off!

    thanks mercades for showing me your making too much money

  3. timmay

    ummm interesting concept, tho that would be awesome if it did pop out a car

  4. Jeff Gonzales

    i think it’s just a marketing gimmick. every company has to shell out money in creative ways to attract new customers.

  5. Kaitlyn

    This is a great pioneering type of advertisement. I’m impressed!

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