Transparent House

Transparent House

Modern single family house with floor-to-ceiling glass windows is located in a quiet neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan.

Designed by Sou Fujimoto architects, unique house features strong metal frame, movable stairs, wooden furniture, and integrated parking space.

At night, “glass walls” are covered with curtains. [photos by Iwan Baan]

House NA

Open Interior

House NA by Sou Fujimoto Architects

Japanese Interior Design

Open House

Open Kitchen

Open Architecture

House NA by Sou Fujimoto

Japanese House

Japanese Architecture

Open Living Room

Transparent House by Sou Fujimoto

Transparent House by Sou Fujimoto Architects

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  1. Katie

    Very lofty and light… it would make a great art studio. An everyday house though… nah.

  2. LOL

    transparent bathrooms? lol it would be nice if its in somewhere with very little sun or else it would quickly turn into a HOT humid greenhouse

  3. Sharyn

    I think I’d be keeping a lot of those curtains closed all the time, not just at night. But I love the way there is room for everybody to have their own space, without taking up a lot of room. I’d hate to be the one who had to clean all that glass though

  4. Shandya

    I wonder how hot it would be inside the house on summer.

  5. Lilia Smiles

    It looks nice but I wouldn’t live in it…talk about greenhouse effect

  6. itai

    I’d love the light. But no walking naked at home? meh

  7. woops

    Now you can tan 6-8 hours out of the day! I’ve always wanted skin cancer at a younger age!

  8. csomakk

    only downside is Google Maps Satellite mode…

  9. Dominic

    i dont know if i would live here!

  10. looloo

    this is like a perverts dream come true

  11. Hasham

    Its good but I want my bedroom not to be transparent at least :D

  12. MasterOche

    Japan must me a very cold country….

  13. flatsolid

    It’s obvious that “fondness for the extreme” is very part of the modern japanese society.

  14. Jordan

    Does not meet code. Within 30 years, accidents will bond to happen, especially to children.

  15. Douglas

    Complete and total fail.

  16. Mark

    Cool to look at but impractical in every way. These never show the typical crap that people accumulate that make a walled house junky. lol. It also doesn’t show all the plumbing, ventilation ducts, wires and things that would quickly turn it from clean to ugly. Oh and the heat during the summer would kill! Totally cool but no thanks!

  17. Zack

    Windex is about to make a killing.

  18. Enrico Martinez

    Wait till the Fat Lady Sings a Glass-Shattering Very High Note.

    Do they have a house made of mirrors? Inside & Out?
    From floor to ceiling, including walls, doors, windows.
    It would be a hell getting out of that one.

  19. Kitylyle

    But I like to throw stones

  20. Signazon

    What a cool idea – but a little extreme. I’m not sure that I’d like to have the world staring at me!

  21. Junnie

    I think it was executed simply as a concept, guys.

  22. Leonie

    That is absolutely beautiful! Like how complex the inside is.

  23. nun

    no privacy at all….

  24. Tom

    At least you’d have plenty of privacy…

  25. nana

    where is the bath room ?

  26. Rebekah

    I thought most japanese are afraid of tanning?

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