Cool Laptop Bags, Sleeves, and Cases

Cool Laptop Bags Sleeves and Cases

If you are looking for a creative way to carry your laptop / notebook, this collection of laptop bags, sleeves, and cases should give you some ideas.

MacTruck – Hard Aluminum Notebook Case

The MacTruck closely envelopes your notebook with an ultra-tough 5052-H32 Aluminum alloy shell that’s rugged enough to drive a truck over! MacTruck is also designed to protect your notebook while you use it.

MacTruck - Hard Aluminum Notebook Case

MacTruck - Hard Aluminum Notebook Case 2

MacTruck - Hard Aluminum Notebook Case 3

My Documents Laptop Sleeve

The “My Documents” laptop sleeve is big enough to snugly house your laptop, up to 15.4 inches, inside. The inner fleece lining keeps everything shiny and scratch-free.

My Documents Laptop Sleeve

KRINK Laptop Sleeve

KRINK Laptop Sleeve features complete notebook protection, premium form-fitting polyurethane construction, poly-satin interior lining, and 3mm cushioned interior.

KRINK Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Wallet

This “laptopwallet” is designed to hold the laptop really snug. The slim design keeps your macbook safe and enables you to carry it easy, either using the wrist-strap, in your hands or in a bag without being bulky!

Laptop Wallet

Laptop Wallet 2

High Voltage Laptop Bag

The army-green laptop bag is the perfect thing to carry around your laptop and other electron-pushing gear.

With a padded sleeve on the inside to protect your laptop, there’s also a ton of room inside the main compartment. You could stash a change of clothes, and extra pair of shoes, and and a toiletries kit if you were so inclined. It’s also roomy enough inside to serve as a bike messenger bag.

High Voltage Laptop Bag

BUILT Laptop Backpacks

Made from lightweight neoprene and breathable air mesh, our new ultra-slim backpack streamlines the transport of your laptop and accessories. The main compartment accommodates and protects laptops from 12–17″ with room to spare for books, folders or other essentials.

BUILT Laptop Backpacks

Redmaloo Laptop Sleeve

These laptop sleeves fold securely around your laptop, hugging it and keeping it warm. The laptop sleeve is one layer of colorful, high-quality felt that folds around your laptop for transportation. Unfolded, it functions as a workstation with an integrated mousepad.

Redmaloo Laptop Sleeve

T-Shirt Laptop Case

iShirt – t-shirt laptop case with three compartments, plus a pocket for the power brick. Keeps the dirt off your shiny white laptop and confuses potential thieves.

T-Shirt Laptop Case

Slim Laptop Sleeve

The Slim Sleeve offers complete notebook coverage with form-fitting construction and plush interior cushioning. Whether used as a stand-alone case or inside a bag, the Slim Sleeve provides excellent protection in a clean, durable design.

Slim Laptop Sleeve

Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case

Sturdy, stylish, and completely sustainable, the cardboard lining the front of Miller’s tree-loving creation is 100% recycled, and the unique fluting gives its wearer the option to personalize it with custom designs such as one’s initials (or an apple logo — as shown here).

Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case

Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case 2

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  1. F. Yang

    I’d like a “My documents” laptop case :)
    This is a great collection!

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    nice collection
    i want the high voltage

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    This is the best example of people creativity. Admirable.

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    im not a laptop guy, nor a real do-it-yourself guy… but i would totally go for the t-shirt case

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    the card board one….. Uh What if it rains? wont it get wet?

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    there pictures are too cool and funny thanks

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    I really like the tshirt one, but would be afraid of my laptop falling out… the addition of suspenders would be sweet!

  18. Clandestino

    i want all of them :P good collection

  19. PangeaForever of youtube

    now if only i had a laptop….

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    Nice bag for my laptop…

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    It’s a really good way to protect your laptop from any robbers and it’s got unusual design, too:D
    totally awesome!:D

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    This is a nice collection, thanks!

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    wow the t-shirt case is very creative

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    t shirt is great

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    Nice collection :) My personal favourite would definitely be the Laptop Wallet. Slick design en smart use: moving your laptop that way is safer :)

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    This is the best example of people creativity. Admirable.

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    Those are all very cool laptop cases. I prefer a hard aluminum laptop case for superior protection.

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    Those are all really cool laptop cases. I prefer the Slim Laptop Sleeve case for the excellent superior protection and the clean slim design .

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    These are truly cool, if I had a wife I would certainly get her just one.

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    Holy sh** the redmaloo laptop sleeve i thought it would cost like 50-80$.. But it turned out $145 @__@ That’s too steep for a piece of flat fold up sleeve!!!

  34. Crazy scientist jr.

    BUILT Laptop Backpacks is cool but i already invented another use for it: instead of laptop why not put in bulletproof board and you have onesided bulletproof vest. That Mactruck case is cool too.

  35. :)

    t-shirt idea is AWESOME. I even made one myself. One thing i did differently though was that I added foam to the inner lining to give it a little protection.

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