Flat Engagement Ring Box

Flat Engagement Ring Box

Discreet engagement ring box can be easily hidden for a surprise proposal.

Made by Andrew Zo. Engagement ring box is approximately 1cm thick.

Andrew Zo Flat Engagement Ring Case

Flat Engagement Ring Case

Clifton Flat Engagement Ring Box

Clifton Flat Engagement Ring Case

Andrew Zo

Andrew Zo Flat Engagement Ring Box

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  1. Handoko

    I will buy it definetely

  2. Kathy

    Really nice! This makes a very romantic presentation. Any thought to having the interior in red or gold satin? It’s dramatic in black, but…

  3. Elron

    Beautiful! I’d get one.

  4. Gritch

    43 years too late! Excellent just the same.

  5. Divinity

    Wow love the innovative design!

  6. Shilov

    Nice innovation! And the design could be applicable to other stuff as well, I think.

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