Portable Fishbowl

Portable Fishbowl

If your pet fish is your best friend, take him with you in this portable fishbowl designed by Michal Shabtiali.

Portable Fishbowl by Michal Shabtiali 2

Portable Fishbowl by Michal Shabtiali 3

Portable Fishbowl by Michal Shabtiali 4

Portable Fishbowl by Michal Shabtiali 5

Portable Fishbowl by Michal Shabtiali 6

Portable Fishbowl by Michal Shabtiali

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  1. Alexius G


  2. Amelia

    CUTE! But strange..

  3. Bob The Fish

    No just strange..

  4. Lady D 71

    Um. I think fish should stay home and I only walk my dog. But it’s an okay idea I guess.

  5. Sherri Moore


  6. Dawn

    Cruel…terribly cruel…

  7. JC Crash

    The fish will need oxygenated water or it will soon die. Where is that equipment? Or is the kid actually carrying dinner or an old college prank?

  8. proctologist Juan

    Gosh, it looks like that fish is so damn happy. Really a fine product. Right up there with spiked collars and cattle prods.

  9. Jennifer B

    That fish looks soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :S

  10. Jessica

    Very cute. Dead fish are adorable.

    That is going to cause a massive amount of stress to the fish. Being jostled around must be 1000 times worse than having the glass tapped on. That fish probably wants to hide, but is completely exposed. Not to mention, as another person pointed out, that there is no filtration or oxygen.

  11. Joe Pike

    Portable sushi.

  12. Alicia

    The oxygen is not a problem because the top of the bowl is open. Regardless, it’s not all that bad of an idea. I don’t think it’s appropriate for everyday use, but for transportation of a fish, I think it’s fantastic. Have you ever had to move fish in and out of your dorm room? I would much rather have a handle than carry the slippery bowl down four flights of stairs.

  13. Shannon

    Would’ve been better than what I had when I moved places, which included taking the fish out of the bigger tank and putting them into something smaller for the trip. But for the everyday “walk your fish” idea, stupid… would definitely cause the fish way too much stress.

  14. DaviDC

    What a perfect, stylish way to tell the world that you’re a pathetic loser.

  15. AlexisV

    Minus the first 2 comments… I couldn’t agree with everyone else any more. It’s sad that animals need to suffer for the style of humans. I hope your days of “inovation” are short Michal.

  16. J

    LMAO I’m pretty sure a fish in the same bowl in a room would be just as miserable. Unless you have a huge fish tank, I can’t imagine fish are ever happy.

  17. Elvira MM

    poor fish..

  18. Kayren

    That fish is getting no worse treatment than a dog on a chain in someones back yard. Both ideas are stupid, but then what do we expect from a world full of idiots who only care about themselves?

  19. Autumn

    Gold fish do not require filter systems, However, if it were any other fish, it would indeed die. A gold fish (and any other fish) will however probably die from shock. The constant motion of the water will cause stress induced death.

    Kayren- My dog enjoys being tied out, As most dogs do as long as it’s not a constant. This fish bowl is not even remotely the same. It’s actually probably more equate to putting your cat in a dryer and putting it on cool tumble.

  20. KW

    Holy cow. Some of you must really “love” goldfish. To say some of these posts are over-reacting to an original idea would be the understatement of the year. Calm down, people. It’s a fishbowl-suitcase-thingy. “But what if it happened to you? Would you like that?” No, but that will never happen to me, and furthermore, THEY’RE FISH! Stop being so reactionary about an innovative way to transport a fish. Like one of the previous posters stated, it certainly beats lugging a slippery glass bowl down four runs of stairs. Calm down, have a nice glass of wine, and remember, THEY’RE FISH.

  21. April

    It is an interesting idea. I’m not buying because I don’t really want to carry a fish around all day. Yes it will die from shock, no goldfish do not need filtration, thus why they are $.25 at the pet store, and that would also be why they are the number one pet for children under 12… not much care required. Really let’s get down to the bottom line.. this is a stupid idea. I don’t care how much you love your fish, dog, cat, lizard… or whatever else… leave it at home where it belongs while you go out into that big bad world of loud car honks, screaming people, and fast paced stupidity. *bows*

  22. April

    for some reason the bottom half of my post did not show..

    As for transporting fish in a moving type situation, this idea works as well as any other. This product is interesting in that it is new and not a different color of the same old invention. Would I buy it? No, but I might borrow it from a friend to transport a fish during a move.

  23. gregory

    where can i buy one?

  24. Toxel.com

    It’s a prototype, they are not for sale at the moment.

  25. Prototype

    Yeah I’m sure it will stay that way too.

  26. Revista Internet

    Nice for taking your fish for a walk in the park.

  27. gonzalo

    Sort of a bigger room for these poor pets…

  28. darth-me94

    goldfish shouldnt be kept in any sort of bowl, portible or not. the shape confuses them

  29. Skracanie linków

    Great idea but I have to agree with @darth-me94. At first goldfishes need some filter but anyway they are very confused in rounded shape aquarium.

  30. Charito Joy

    errrr this gets too attached to ur pet..let it go :)!

  31. Star

    This is stupid. Where are you going to TAKE a FISH???? if you need to move it, get a giant pnutbutter jar and poke a tiny hole so oxygen can get in, water stays out… you would get some weird looks, carrying a VERY HEAVY glass/plastic *boulder!* full of water!!! *not to mention a fish, which belongs at home.*

  32. gregory

    i would like to buy one

  33. chance

    hello i like this portable fish bowl. does anybody know where i can by one online. and how many fish can fit in it.

  34. chris

    where can i find one?? I really want one

  35. anna

    how does the fish get out?

  36. Holly

    I think its a good idea for transportin fish from a to B (fish shop to home, or moving home) nd seems much safer than a plastic bag.. but i dont really fill its suitable or nessisary to walk a fish other wise the market is missin a big whole of mini tennis balls for a fish to chase

  37. namerequired

    there’s always someone beating the drum of animal cruelty.. thus they rant on but eat meat, processed foods, ride horses, harness dogs and cats, feeding them crap also… shut up already.

    it’s a cool item and if you don’t like it then don’t participate in it’s embellishings.

    now, bite me.

  38. Leslie

    I think this is a great Idea. I keep a fish tank at work, when I am gone for a long vacation it would be nice to have something that I can just quick grab from work to home.

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