Bird Cage Aquarium

Bird Cage Aquarium

Aquarium and bird cage combo by French designer Constance Guisset.

DUPLEX concept has a thermoformed meeting space in the middle where birds and fish can be at the same visual level. A surprising encounter that evokes the impossible fusion between water and air.

Birdcage Aquarium

Bird Cage and Aquarium Combo

Bird in a Cage

Bird Cage Aquarium Concept

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  1. Stephan

    I really like this a very interesting concept. You have to wonder if what the cat would think looking into the fish bowl and seeing a bird :)

  2. Connor

    ^^^^^ Nice! I like how the designer flipped the cages and put the fish on top instead of the bird.

  3. Modhawk

    Awesome concept. Great product for when you don’t have much space for both. Soothing!

  4. Evie

    Very interesting idea, but the fish do not have the right environment, and I am guessing the same can be said for the birds. It a very beautiful and minimalist design though.

  5. Moo

    This might be off topic, but I don’t understand how people can have birds or fish as pets. You are limiting their potentially limitless habitat to a ridiculously tiny one. You can’t even pet them. They will never love you. They might look cool but they’re completely pointless to have in the home and they probably hate their lives thanks to you.

  6. JTKirk

    moo, you’re right. that was completely off topic. maybe if you kept the birds and fish in order to then eat them it wouldn’t be so pointless. then their lives would REALLY suck, wouldnt they.

  7. PauL B

    @moo are you a fish stuck in a bowl????

    This is a super cool concept, I think it’s a really great idea :)

  8. Gaby

    Love the concept, but i actually think Moo is right.

  9. Danyell

    File under: How to really freak out parakeets.

  10. hahaha

    who cares about the fish, or bird.. u probably saved it from being exterminated after they don’t sell at the pet shop anyways. people care too much/ complain to much

    oh and the design is awesome i want to invest

  11. Glenn

    =O A really really nice concept.

    It’s perfect to small flats!

  12. Doink

    Actually, birds and fish can show signs of affection to their master. Moo doesn’t know fish die if you take them for a walk in a leash and parrots are actually pretty comfortable in their cage. They were born in captivity, so they enjoy free food and water.

    This is a neat concept , but i doubt the parrot will stay in the upper side, since the water from the bowl cools the air around it.

    Also the cat would be really confused :)

  13. Benjamin Christine

    everyday I come to your site and you always have some great stuff! I would love to get my hands on one of there! really good! Must be the cats worst nightmare.

  14. chazzzz

    super idear beautifully composed

  15. inan

    @Doink it doesnt matter whether they were born in captivity or not, and you think that they are still happy just because they dont know what freedom is.

    ….you know that.

    Nice concept but no thanks.

  16. JTKirk

    they’re birds and fish… what concept of freedom do you think they posess?

  17. VinceVega

    visually awesome but it’s gotta be topheavy as hell.

  18. Rachael

    I don’t think fish (or any animal really) have much of a concept of hate and a lot of birds like their houses and owners especially if they’re hand raised. Often, you can let the bird out and he won’t fly away.

    I love this aquarium/cage combo. I wish I had one.

  19. Art of Concept

    I just know I wouldn’t enjoy being in a cage, fancy as it can be…even if there’s free food (sounds a bit like jail no?) or you were born in one…

    Humans do as they please; never mind the affected one…

    Poor you if you’re an animal meant to fly freely but you’re kinda cute and fit in a cage…you’ll end up in a cage “because we humans like YOU in a cage”…Sorry!

    Would you keep your dog indoors every day of his life and assume he is OK cos he’s used to is?

  20. Chad

    Very cool looking. I wonder if the glass would get marked up from the bird’s beak?

  21. eally

    @moo i would agree with you about the birds… but fish of this sort are really not intelligent and they are not social creatures. this little guy has no memory… he doesn’t know if he’s been swimming in a circle all day or not, and he certainly doesn’t miss his ocean friends. even so, these sorts of pets are basically living decorations! so… i understand why you have a problem with it!

  22. jumanicus

    i love this thing i would buy one in a heart beat

  23. Junnie

    A lot of people choose fish as pets because they’re rather easy to take care of and can give you a fulfilling sense of responsibility (especially for kids). They’re also more interactive than plants, obviously.

    And.. I like birds. Yes, I agree that they shouldn’t be kept in cages, but with that logic, dogs shouldn’t be confined to backyards.

    With all that said – funny concept.

  24. Dreaming

    very pretty but would’nt it be rather messy? cleaning the rounder bowl looks like a bitch and a half…

  25. ok

    fish wish they could fly, birds wish they could swim…..

  26. julez

    i think fish can not think, and have a brain memory of less than 5 sec. so..

    in china you can buy key hangers aquarium with a goldfish in it. thats sad so i do agree they shouldn’t be kept in cages.

    but to look at the concept and not how it is for the fishes or birds, i love it!

    and to @connor, i think its necessary to put the fishbowl on top, otherwise you have to clean it everyday because of the bird poo!

  27. jake

    Having a fish actually is proven to lower stress levels if it is located in an area that you happen to be in a lot. Also it is true about the idea of their short term memory stopping them from knowing much of anything.

    Birds are completely different. They are extremely intellegent and they know they caged. My family owns a bird and it used to stare out the window all the time. We could tell it wanted to be free. But at the same time it gets so much attention. My brother plays with it constantly. It sits on his shoulder as he walks around the house, or as he plays video games. He knows how to whistle songs, how to get a treat from us. He listens to us, knows when he has done something wrong. He has our entire house to fly around in (which is a lot for his size being that he is a small cockatiel.) He follows us around, sits on our shoulder and rubs his head on our neck. He even loves when we scratch behind his head. He knows each of the family members by who will and will not give him attention. He refuses to be near my sister (who hates him) but will sit next to my dad and brother all day long. In my opinion he is like a dog in every way. So for those of you saying you shouldn’t have a bird, I hope you are also saying you can’t have any animals. Because a bird is very similar to a dog!

  28. mea


  29. Gabi

    @hahaha buying it from the pet shop would save it from a worse doom but the point is that the animals ended up in the pet shop in the first place which shouldn’t happen just because a human being wants to look at a pretty animal in their home.

  30. Jen

    I don’t think this would work well. I think the fish would constantly be freaked out and stressed by the birds who might jab at them.

  31. spyro

    I think it’s cool but the animals would be freeked out

  32. Pete

    Not sure why people insist on putting goldfish in a bowl. If you’re going to put a fish in a bowl, choose one that isn’t so dirty and who can actually make do in such a small environment (a Betta, perhaps). Goldfish need really good filters, cool temps and constant water changes. When put in a decent environment, their lifespan is in decades, not months, and they grow to pretty big sizes.

  33. Wulf

    The idea is really nice of this one, but I don’t think the bird will actually go to the highest branch inside the aquarium (I even believe that all the photos have fake birds, except the blue one zoomed in, but he isn’t at the top branch either). A round bowl is bad for animal’s eyes, so the birds stay out of it. The fish get problems with their eyes too.
    But ofcourse, square is not as nice as round.

  34. fred

    Where can you purchase


    Birds aren’t meant to be caged. They r given wings to fly. Fish & birds should live in their natural habitat.
    What’s wrong with this world that accepts everything with such indifference?

    “For as long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace”. -Pythagoras

  36. Kriz

    My cat’s would love this

  37. Ivander

    So fish should be trhown out of their aquarium and because “freedom”? And birds should be flying around and get eaten or killed during open season? You know, some animals liked to be in captive, you just have to care for them, and bird cages with branches are good for them, they’re safe, they got free food. Even i would be an animal that is caged with free food an a lovable master if i could, they’re happy as long as you care and feed them with love.

  38. Megan

    To the people who are saying all captive birds hate there lives and want to be free you are wrong about my parrot. While I’m out she goes in her large cage and when i’m home she has free range of the house. I free fly(no cage no,leash) her outside almost everyday. If she wanted to be free she could have easile flew away by now

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