Motorcycle Sports Car Hybrid

Motorcycle Sports Car Hybrid

It took Fran├žois Knorreck more than 10 years, 10000 hours of hard work, and 15000 Euros to combine Laverda motorcycle with a custom build sports car.

Now he owns one of the most unusual motorcycle sidecars in the world!

Motorcycle Sidecar by Francois Knorreck

Snaefell Motorcycle Sidecar

Laverda Motorcycle Sidecar

Motorcycle and Sports Car Hybrid

Motorcycle Sidecar

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  1. Megan

    Unusual that’s for sure…

  2. so

    it’s a little bit awkward

  3. abhi

    cool stuff now u dont need to own a car n bike its just 1 thing which with u can drive a car on your way 2 work n come back on a bike

  4. Kiwibreeze

    How do you turn?

  5. tracy

    It looks really cool although rather cumbersome.

  6. Karin Stewart

    I wonder if it is Electric or Gas?

  7. Social Entrenador Persona Madrid

    Once again, technology has revolutionized men and his love for cars. This thing greatly shows how we long for new trends. One should not miss to see this.

  8. matt

    alien car mutation

  9. Jim Belfiore

    Now if Robin had designed the Bat-bike (he sat in the side car), this would be it.

  10. BebopDesigner

    Wow! it looks very cool… in a a super hero kind of way. But really, it’s toy I’d like to have.

    Thanks for posting.

  11. Reilly

    Truly pointless.

  12. Paul

    Kiwibreeze: You turn by using the motorcycle handlebars. Though it’s very unusual looking, as the posting points out it’s essentially a motorcycle sidecar.

    Karin Stewart: Gas. Laverda motorcycle engine.

  13. Chad

    Would be hard to see when turning left or switching lanes to the left . . . looks a little like an amusement ride where you insert a quarter to bob up and down for 60 seconds.

  14. mussman

    techno birth defect

  15. Geoff

    The sidecar kinda isolates the passenger from the driver. Where’s the fun in that?

  16. Gonzalo

    She-male car

  17. Annie Co

    it’s like a tricycle in the philippines.. yet very sophisticated and sporty.

  18. Speedy Gonzales

    Why would you?

  19. Tony

    I’m with Reilly and Speedy Gonzales.
    Pointless & Pretty Ugly.

  20. John Cloud

    Will be better if it can be departed, this bike-car reminds me of Batman’s Car

  21. Bim

    I wonder, in the UK, would he pay car tax or bike tax or both? ouch! weird invention

  22. M@rtin

    Shame, he worked for 10 years and then realised he’d been following 2 sets of plans

  23. adam

    car and bike in a teleporter…

  24. aldrin


  25. John

    What model bike is that?

  26. Bo

    Im doing a report on a unusual thing . i picked this product .. It asks where this product was manufacture .. Where was is manufactured

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