Swing Toothpaste

Swing Toothpaste

Innovative toothpaste with a hole uses gravity and centrifugal force to help user push out every last bit of toothpaste.

Swing toothpaste concept designed by Yubin Choi, Sungmin Hong, Yun Kim, Mi Jang, and Seokgyu Hwang from Dankook University.

Innovative Toothpaste

Toothpaste Concept

Swing Toothpaste Concept

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  1. Critical Eye

    Looks fun… might help get kids to enjoy brushing.

  2. Colin Gate

    A nice big hole in the tube, I bet it still costs as much as a regular tube of toothpaste.

    Plus, toothpaste is pretty viscous. I’m sure you’d need to spin it pretty fast to make a meaningful change in toothpaste distribution. Maybe a hydraulic press would be better!

  3. L

    Toothpaste doesn’t work like that. You can’t just apply centrifugal force to make it go to the end, it has a very different structure than the material this would work for.

  4. Swiper Fox

    For the last amount of toothpaste, facial cleaner, hair gels in TUBES…. Just cut it open and scoop it. Problem solved, you won’t need anyway those tubes afterwards, don’t you?

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