Giant Knife Street Art

Giant Knife Street Art

Eye-catching street art by Spanish artists Maria Lujan and Wolfgang Krug.

Large cardboard knife was used to create scenes of cartoon violence on the streets of Berlin, Germany.

Giant Knife

Wolfgang Krug Knife

Maria Lujan Knife

Knife Street Art

Maria Lujan and Wolfgang Krug

Maria Lujan Knife

Wolfgang Krug

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  1. Immelmann

    Funny, but they could not have found a better material than cardboard for this?

  2. Chewstroke

    Awesome, love it.

  3. Nataly

    cool, but what the goal?

  4. Niyari

    Cute, easy, and probably very fun.

  5. Jesse

    Nataly, art and entertainment doesn’t require a goal. Perhaps just introducing a little bit of weird into the daily routine of passersby may have been the whole purpose, if you must have a purpose.

    I think this is great, reminds me of playing with cardboard as a kid.

  6. hope

    it does have a purpose?
    to show the violence of cities. Its often an ignored aspect of life, this knife is really big to show that it is here and exists

  7. Danyell

    I agree with Immelmann. A shiny, metal knife would look better. I mean, what cartoon has a cardboard knife? Or if they *had* to use cardboard, could they not paint it? It just seems like a lot of good effort to then get lazy at the end.

  8. WOOP!!

    *Wakes up*
    *Goes on Toxel*
    *Sees this*
    *Closes Toxel*
    *Hides under bed*
    *Gains courage and goes back on Toxel*

  9. Lilia Smiles

    So how long do they lie there?

  10. Sharyn

    I actually like that they used cardboard instead of something that looked more like a real knife. IMO it makes more cartoonish & fun and less real & violent.

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