Disappearing Car Door Concept

Disappearing Car Door Concept

Jatech have developed an innovative retractable car door system that offers an unprecedented ease of entry and egress.

Disappearing Car Door

Disappearing Car Door Closed

Disappearing Car Door Open

Disappearing Car Door Concept Car

Cool Disappearing Car Door Concept

Disappearing Car Door Video

Creative Disappearing Car Door Concept

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  1. Guido Jansen

    Terrible movie, nice concept. I do wonder how the door will function when electricity is shut down (eg. when the car hits the water)

  2. Don

    Wonderful idea! specialy with parking!!!

  3. Satish

    Isn’t that an old concept ? BMW z1 had that in 1986

  4. lily

    this is amazing!

  5. Jef


  6. Chad

    How many dings on your automobile, from other vehicle doors, could be avoided if we all only had the Jatech door?

  7. Tim

    -BMW Z1 ages ago

  8. Geoff

    So, in winter/rain I guess the inside door panel would get pretty dirty from road grime dripping from the bottom of the car.

  9. T2

    Cool concept. You would struggle to get that open after an accident though

  10. delere

    Finally! The elimination of door dings could happen in our lifetime!!!!

    Seriously, this is a great idea with many benefits not the least of which is getting in and out of a car in tight parking spots.

  11. sean

    this is so old i saw this on the internet like 5 years

  12. Kris

    First thing that came to mind was what about the safety aspect? How well will it perform in a crash?
    But, it would make life a lot easier for getting grandparent in and out of the car.

  13. Betty Cires

    I like it very much. Perfect to parking

  14. Trenchancy

    I was thinking the same thing, Guido. The door might possibly malfunction in water?

    All safety measures aside, it’s a nice concept, but a useless one at that.

  15. dingie

    nice concept but quite an eyesore if you ask me. . . good potential though. .

  16. danvertising

    This is hilarious.
    Reminds me of a fad like the delorean doors in the 80’s

  17. WetcoastBob

    Another bonus is that when the car is dirty your leg will touch the clean interior, when entering and exiting, instead of mud encrusted door-sill.

  18. stephen

    what if it’s raining or snowing…

    it could get into the interior so easyily..

  19. kevin

    So…. what happens if you get t-boned with no B-Pillar… YOU DIE. Dumb concept. Nice execution. But not safe.

  20. enrique

    I had this on my motorcycle.

  21. jrod

    This is way old news, ford had some Thunderbird SC concept cars with this on it in the mid to late 80’s

  22. Fred Baskin

    What happens when people drag their dirty shoes across the edge that sticks out after the door opens? In the video, it appears the actors make it a practice to lift their feet over that part. In reality, people will be dragging the feet over it, especially kids. Then when it rolls UP, crap will be all over the area just below the window glass.

  23. DucFanDan

    What’s with the naysayers? Instead of saying “this will never work”, try opening your mind and providing suggestions for how to make it work. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

    As for crashworthiness: according to their website the door has a manual operation mode for when there is no power (or if the servos failed). As far as side impacts, anyone saying you can’t make this safe in a side impact doesn’t work in structural engineering. You can make just about anything safe with enough time, money, and motivation. It’s simply a matter of absorbing the load and distributing it to the chassis in front of, behind, and below the door.

    I think it’s a cool concept, and I’d like to see this on production vehicles in the near future.

  24. Alec

    Agreed DucFanDan, I think its a great concept and as for the comments above, you’ve clearly not listened to the information provided in the video, and haven’t looked at their website’s FAQ section to clarify your claims. The doors slide into a clean pocket under the car and wouldn’t be exposed to grime and dirt caught under the car body. As for the part that rolls up under the window, if your shoes are THAT dirty try wiping them off before climbing into your car. I think this design’s got a lot of potential and even if its not a new concept, its still a concept trying to improve on an old one. It seems like they’re trying to breathe some life into an older concept that was probably too expensive to produce back in the 80’s and 90’s for the average car model.

  25. animal

    i think they should try to retract the doors into the roof area.

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