Chest Hair Coat

Chest Hair Coat

Stylish coat made entirely out of human chest hair will keep you warm and comfortable during the winter.

Man Fur Coat was commissioned by the Arla dairy company for creative promotional campaign of their “Wing-Co chocolate milk for men“.

It took more than one million strands of men’s chest hair and 200 hours of hard work to create this unique winter coat. You can buy it for £2499.

Hair Coat

Coat Made of Chest Hair

Male Chest Hair Coat

Mens Chest Hair Coat

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  1. Clare

    Gross gross gross

  2. Sami

    Gross! I prefer my casual coat. :-/

  3. shadow

    why would anyone want that……

  4. Vincent Goh

    I like their face expression.

  5. Alice

    ew why would anyone want to wear a coat made out of chest hair?!

  6. eddie


  7. iouas

    why would anyone want to wear a coat made out of animal hair ?

  8. Joe

    I already have one of those.

  9. minions

    You’d probably stay warmer if you wore something underneath.

  10. Ed

    Come on folks. It’s mere chest-hair not the pubic-hair.I wonder what reaction would that cause!

  11. Bee beard

    i must own this.
    I love it!!

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