Innovative Pizza Box Design

Innovative Pizza Box Design

Green Box is an innovative pizza box that easily breaks down into 4 serving plates, while the remainder of the box transforms into a storage container for leftovers.

Made from a standard pizza blank, the Green Box requires no additional material and can therefore be produced at no additional manufacturing cost.

Innovative Pizza Box

Innovative Pizza Box Open

Innovative Pizza Box Plates

Green Pizza Box Plates

Innovative Pizza Box Container

Innovative Green Pizza Box Design

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  1. kate

    hmm i like :)

  2. Hsoj Spillihp

    but i make plates out of the regular pizza boxes… wait… aww, i just realized how poor i am.

  3. T2


  4. sammi

    oh this is great, cant wait for the next time i eat pizza…and is that mango lemanade in the fridge?

  5. April

    I am impressed. I like it..

  6. yo

    What’s the point?

    Wouldn’t you still be using, and thus disposing of, the same amount of cardboard?

  7. Xtina.

    Still a very cool idea, but I don’t see how it’s any greener than a regular pizza box. You still have to throw the whole thing out and the greasy cardboard cannot be recycled.

    I suppose you can save the napkins, that you’ll probably need anyway…

  8. karlitta

    Really nice, great idea/concept.

  9. Paul Sample

    mmmmhh i’m hungry

  10. Soheil

    ha?! what was that?!!! why?!! :) i don’t take my pizza to refrigerator, o eat all of that in one time
    but I like it

  11. Joe

    Greasy cardboard can be composted, though.

  12. tom

    it’s greener because now there are no additional paper plates to throw out, or regular plates to wash.

  13. phillip

    how is this any more “green” than using ceramic plates? this is a cool idea, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the environment.

  14. mr beans

    this is like totally the most radical thingy ever

  15. Wax Doll

    Simplistic approach to innovation.
    Applaudable… Looking forward to see more nifty works :)

  16. Chris

    This is definitely a greener way of eating pizza. If you use ceramic plates, you need to use water to wash them, along with soap or maybe you’ll put them in the dishwasher (same thing but on a greater scale). Either way, you are using less resources for that one meal. It may not be much when you look at a single use, but when you multiply that by a few million homes, it makes a big difference. Not to mention the left over containers you wont need to use (and wash) in order to store it.

  17. lily

    i agree with chris, with the washing…and it saves space too!

  18. Karin L. Stewart

    Best way to get a pizza home and if there IS a left over the greasy box can be recycled before you can’t recycle it! Nothing beats getting that pizza home warm and now having a way to store a leftover without using a baggie is great!

  19. Oscar

    Using the cardboard box for storing ANY food is a bad idea.

    Everything will taste of carton

  20. ridiculous

    throw “green” in the name and the idea of breaking down a pizza box to eat on becomes breakthrough technology.

  21. Justin

    Why don’t pizza places start using this NOW?! I really like the idea. And Oscar, normally when you order pizza what do you do with the leftovers? You close the box back up and stick it in the fridge. Or that’s how most people do it anyway. You could be different I don’t know. Regardless, the pizza tastes the same when you store it in the same box it came in and reheat it. Once again, I really like the idea of this box.

  22. Robert

    I agree it is a good idea in theory but the reasoning that it is no more money to produce is flawed. Cardboard companies will charge more because it has more perforations which could cause additional steps in their process or at very least, retooling costs. Moreover this is just one size pizza box. There would be different sizes for different pizzas to which the size of the “plates” may not be as convenient or work with the number of slices on larger pizzas.

  23. anyonymous

    “but i make plates out of the regular pizza boxes… wait… aww, i just realized how poor i am.”

    Me too, buddy. Me too.

  24. Irene

    ACTUALLY Xtina for your information we always recycle all our pizza boxes. they can 2 be recycled and like that other dude said they can be COMPOSTED. Ya hear that? RECYCLED AND COMPOSTED!!!!

  25. Kham Tran

    Wow, a very impressive and innovative design.

  26. Tiffany

    Irene, where do you live? Because where we live, you are NOT permitted to recycle containers that have touched food (except in the case of cans and bottles that have been washed out). Pizza boxes that have come in contact with greasy pizza would not be able to be recycled. Neither would any container from a take out place that had come in contact with food (such as Chinese food containers).

    But for what it’s worth, I think this is an excellent concept.

  27. wayne

    Wow! Great work :)

  28. Aaron

    No additional cost except for the added perforations, which will increase the time required to make the box as well as possibly ad a new step to the manufacturing process.

    Regardless, it’s a cool idea. Not really “green,” but it’s a good thinking regardless.

    Saves on dishes, though. That’s good enough for any bachelor. Although when I was single, I rarely washed dishes. I just let the dog lick them off. :)

  29. Abby

    Pizza boxes actually can be recycled in most places. I live in Southwest Florida.

  30. Donna Vitan

    This is an awesome invention! I would like my Pizza box to be this awesome.

  31. superdit

    Ummm I think cold pizza not really good

  32. Colbert

    That’s not innovative!

    That’s just making something that everybody does anyways easier!

  33. Joshthehappy

    Robert: I used to work in a cardboard plant, it’s not that hard to add one or (or even five whatever) perforation cutter to the die. All pizza places should do this, if for nothing more than an advertising gimmick to get us earth conscious folk.

  34. paintbot

    @ superdit
    what!? cold pizza tastes reli nice!

    cool concept, but if you hvae more than 4 people its not that great.

  35. Martin


  36. Martin

    Also, there is hardly enough room on each “plate” for one quarter of a pizza. I would imagine it would be quite messy, no?

  37. author

    what a great idea, though i’m sure packaging costs would increase due to the perforations/die-cut.

  38. S

    I love the irony in a special pizza container next to the box of SlimFast!

  39. TurboPunz

    Why not just use the top of the Pizza box?

    It’s not any less “green” than using an effing paper plate, because you have to throw out the cardboard plates anyway.

    And why not just use a ceramic plate? Oh, because then there’s the whole minor scrubbing and soap thing.

    Innovation Fail.

  40. Brandy

    Love it!that’s an awesome idea. where do i sign to get them to make that!

  41. bsci2_

    It’s obviously photoshopped. I can tell from the pixels, and because I’ve seen quite a few ’shoops in my life.

  42. r@e

    awesome idea! not that i ever have left over pizza… but the half box would actually fit in my fridge. oh and please DO NOT recycle your cardboard! it’s much “greener” to compost cardboard and paper materials than to recycle them which costs more money and creates more toxins than it takes to make a new one!

  43. Irons

    Where are the vent holes? Nobody like a soggy pizza.

    In my area none of the towns take pizza boxes for recycling. Or any other grease laden paper product.

    I have these other kind of plates that 100% reusable. They are a made of some kind of hardened earthen material. I’ve reused them several hundred times in 10 years.

    Not amazing, not innovative, not “green”.

  44. Realist

    Its probably good that most of your towns don’t recycle pizza boxes with grease on them. You probably shouldn’t recycle anyway. Its actually WAY “greener” to just throw away your trash then recycle it. There are VERY FEW products that would be greener when recycled.

  45. Jaime

    This actually is green because as a few people have said, your not using extra paper plates or using water to clean. They have made it easier to use one product for 2 uses.

    Furthermore, even if your area doesn’t take a greasy pizza box for recycling(mine does in Frisco, CO) you can EASILY compost it. And many people who try to live green have their own compost and use it for their own garden (cuts down on waste and carbon foot print, all very green).

  46. Jaime

    I would also like to add, in response to realist, that you are right in the fact that recycling greasy cardboard takes a lot more energy so its not great, but it is NOT better to put it in the trash.

    Putting compostable materials in the trash creates more toxic methane gases for the environment and is more harmful than driving you car for a year. Here are two articles that talk about the methane gases in landfills

  47. Josh

    @ bsci2_

    wtf are you talking about? Photoshopped? I guess they photoshopped the whole video too, eh?

  48. Haru

    i love the composting thing. very cool
    this is green because the phospherous in soap kills plants, the water is contaminated with filth, and who likes washing dises (dishwasher or not)

    a perfect excuse to eat more pizza
    if only its was required for places to have those, with personal logos, of course

  49. Shawnner

    Another idea!!! Maybe we could shape it like a little god & worship it too. Everyone is so crazed on “green” that they forget this simply composts & doesn’t hurt a thing. Composting is far “greener” if you care to add that to all your hype. One last thought to smack against the wisdom being shared… mother earth will survive your composting cardboard, however, you are shortening your life eating greasy take-out.

  50. Shawnner

    In other words… it’s not a bad idea… but get an effin grip. Power up your “green thinking caps” before you engage your “green wisdom portal”

  51. Vincent R. Parker

    I think this is a really neat idea! :)

  52. raj

    i really dont understand why more companies are using this?

  53. zenkill

    I want to try some mango lemonade, sounds bombtastic!

  54. artemis

    yeah I make plates out of the regular pizza boxes as well…but mango lemonade….mmmm…sounds reeeeeally nice!!!

  55. Kashif

    Hey this is cool :D

  56. Rob

    Pretty clever!

  57. maldor

    I didn’t like it.

  58. Ribbonsandrust

    I love any picture that has Slimfast in the same frame as pizza. Never mind the box!

  59. delere

    I like it however the storage box for left overs tapers down and I would think that would squish the leftovers.

  60. Jubilee

    why would you need a plate? everyone i know just holds onto their piece…wouldn’t wanna lose it y’know…

  61. dizzy1143

    we are gonna need more then Eco friendly pizza boxes to save the planet, i like the idea though

  62. bsci2_

    @ Josh

    This is clearly photoshopped, zoom in and you can see the pixels as clear as day.. REAL THINGS DONT HAVE PIXELS!

  63. Jick

    Production cost is not determined by the amount of cardboard used.

    How much time does it take to perforate the box? How much is a perforation machine? Will QC take longer?

  64. Louis

    hang on…how is this “saving the planet one pizza box at a time”?!?!? Use plates, wash them by hand, and re-cycle the bloody box!! How hard it is that….

  65. dona

    @ bsci2_
    Real things don’t have pixels but pictures of real things taken with a digital camera do have pixels.

  66. my name ;)

    If you think about it this isnt green atall becuase when you buy pizza why use ceramic plates unless theres more than 2 people eating the pizza because you can just tear the lid of the box from the base and its just as effective as using plates

  67. Mubashar Abrar

    This is great!

  68. Sherri

    If you’ve never been on the road and ordered pizza, maybe you don’t get it, but I sure do. We have habitually made “Plates” by tearing the top of the box into two pieces, but when we’ve needed more plates, we’ve headed for the breakfast room for the styrofoam. This would be much handier. Also, no washing up.

  69. Yarz

    I don’t think it’s meant to be any greener. I just think it was supposed to save you the dishes so you don’t have to wash them.

  70. Ricki

    Too awesome – for someone who already uses the pizza box top for serving, it sure would be handy not to have it rip apart so easily for four people (rather than using paper plates because really, who uses ceramic when eating pizza?) – add on the fact that then you can store the leftover in a really tightly packed fridge (really good idea for dorms!) and then you can recyle the whole thing later too. Very cool – I’d love to see this come to use someday!

  71. Kayla

    I can see this green idea behind this.. but growing up, (with lots of family members) yes, we used the evil paper plates. But, I now live in a college town, we just bring the pizza in the living room (Still in the box) and just eat it out of that, so other than the handy fold down for smaller storage aspect of this, how is it different than what ppl do anyways? For dorms-good idea. generally speaking-not the best execution for something ‘green’.

  72. Michael

    Now you can eat like you’re homeless, even at home!

  73. Eugene

    Whatever the manufacturing costs adds to the creation of the box. You could make a cutting forme that does the perforation as the box is die-cut. So it wouldn’t mean any more than getting a new Forme made (about €250 or so) and then run it through the machine. It would take the exact same amount of time and effort.

    So it would be greener. And the cardboard is in smaller pieces, making it easier to dispose of. Nothing like having to flatten a box and tear it up because it doesn’t fit in the recycling area/bin. It would be neato for parties and less washing up, and that sloppy guy that you invite won’t have any excuses for not using a napkin/paper plate as it’s provided.

    It’s a good concept.

  74. panda

    It save water and energy too, because you wont have to do the dishes :)

  75. Kitteh

    this is a very cool idea. although i do believe that the whole preferating thing will cost some money, although you could just cut the box with scissors.

  76. jim

    while you still throw the entire thing out, causing it to seem the same economic impact, you do not waste paper plates or water for dishwashing. However i dont know if the added perforations would offset this. it seems like they wouldn’t.

  77. Some Dude I Know

    I love pizza!

  78. Princess Peach

    you crazy green people and the things you’ll do to save a branch of a tree.

  79. Chechu

    Awesome! This is a easily method to save some space in your fridge. Creative

  80. fredburt

    these guys were on the canadian tv show Dragons Den and were shot down by the panel. cutesy idea probably only used in a pinch.paper towel works just as well. as for the cynic who thinks it was photo shopped…ha ha ha, now there’s a conspiracy theory for ya


    Great idea! Very cleaver. I like it.

  82. Matthew Carpenter

    As someone who typically gets his plates dirty when he orders pizza, this is great! Plus, it would be a lot easier to dispose of.

  83. cithalm

    nice! no plates to wash and save room in the fridge!

  84. avisioncame

    one of the best concept ideas i have seen so far on the web. I am surprised the major pizza companies haven’t picked up on this yet. Seems like a great selling point.

  85. Adam


    That’s frickin’ mango lemonade in the fridge.

  86. Jc

    Good idea !!!

  87. Anon

    The box is already being diecut to shape. There would be NO additional charges for the perforations. They would just add a couple of lines of perf to the already existing die. There would be no separate process required.

  88. aaa

    I like it

  89. fishhook

    Everyone one that said it wouldn’t cost anymore to make is right…

    Everyone else, what is the point in recycling?

    And why use any plate for pizza?

  90. mR oBvIoUs


  91. Lacey

    This idea is somewhat completely rediculous O.o maybe I am just not appreciating it enough or…….you know if you just used normal plates….you could wash them and still have them the next day ;)

  92. Lacey

    I dig the mango lemonade! lol

  93. chloe

    Me likes it :)

  94. aaron

    Good and practical design, but doesn’t really maintain the freshness of the pizza.

  95. Scykei

    There ARE advantages of this innovation…
    1) Save space
    2) No need to was dishes since cardboard are plates?
    3) Looks cool

  96. RatFink

    Too bad the perferations on the top will compromise the box allowing the top to easily fold into the pizza when multiple pizzas are stacked. I think the trips, boxes, and pizzas reqired to replace pizzas damaged by the top caving it on them would likely do far more damage to the environment then people using paper plates.

  97. canvas

    cool design, i usually just tear the box in bits and eat off that, cant help thinking its something that didnt really need making.

  98. dan

    It’s not that green.

  99. Mang Lemo

    I wish the video was more about how awesome mango lemonade is, and less about eating ghetto cold ass pizza.

  100. Michael Bennett

    efficient, effective, even elegant. I like it. From now on when I buy pizza I’ll just cut the box this way and give it to my friends.

  101. BonBon

    When are the chain pizza companies going to adopt this concept? This is brilliant!! No plates thus no dishes to wash or paper plates to throw away, saves space in the frige for leftovers and easier to bring leftovers to work.

  102. ksjrh4

    its greener than ceramic because of the chemicals you use while washing it.

  103. BillyBobyourmz

    OMG Mango Lemonade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Lounda

    Why cant they do somthing like this for soda bottles, like make the empty bottle fold into cups or something

  105. Kristy

    I love pizza.
    I love trees.
    I love this idea:)

  106. Todd

    As neat an idea as this is, it is NOT green. When grease hits a pizza box, it is NO LONGER RECYCLABLE and goes straight to a landfill. Ask any waste management/disposal facility that recycles. The grease ruins the recycled cardboard slurry and therefore has to be thrown in a landfill. This product simply spreads MORE GREASE over the box making it LESS RECYCLABLE! If you want a real green solution, go to They have a 100% biocompostable pizza tray and biodegradable/recyclable plastic bag system that is 100% GREEN! The tray is made from 100% sugar cane fiber and turns into compost/mulch in 9 months. Grease or not, it doesn’t matter. The bag has a biodegradable additive that if it doesn’t get recycled, it will degrade within 3 years. NOTHING sticks to the plastic material so grease is not an issue in recycling there. The green box is neat but NOT GREEN! Sorry.

  107. Kirk

    I have to disagree with Todd. I believe he may be trying to push his own product on the basis it can be composted. So can cardboard! Also… even if it does go straight to landfill; it still saves water and reduces the use of detergents. I’d say that’s pretty green!!

  108. DylanJackson

    Sorry I am going to use dishes to eat with, and cutlery, when I am finished I will wash them in water, and I will use soap…then I will dry them. Then I will wait till I am hungry again and I will repeat.

    Get a hold of yourselves.

  109. Earl

    i agree dylanjackson, doi

  110. Betty

    Sometimes the simplest things are the most brilliant. Kudos!

  111. Betty

    I think the idea behind the box is so that people dont use paper plates…some people hate to do dishes or they order pizza when dishes are not available. This way the box gives you plates without having to use more paper plates. Get it?

  112. aline

    It works because you don´t need to use any kind of plate, not disposable or regular, you save water and money!

  113. Lionel

    Sadly this idea has generated so much hot air that it cannot possibly be a green idea!

  114. Cynical Genius

    Whoever invented this useless product seems to have overlooked the obvious… I have yet to discover this mysterious compound called “leftover pizza” when a single pizza is served to four people.

  115. Lo

    I already do this with my pizza box. It actually takes more energy to put in the perforated edges than it does for me to tear the box myself.

  116. Dale

    I work at a popular pizza place near a state park and we’re always being asked for paper plates so they can share it on a picnic or whatever…
    We don’t offer plates to customers for environmental as well as storage reasons, so this is a great idea!
    I’ve actually played with this in my head before and it’s really cool to see it exists…
    The bottom storage compartment is just takin’ it to the limit!
    Great work!

  117. stu

    whats wrong with using plates? you wouldn’t fill a sink to wash one plate anyway.

    plus, the cardboard will go mushy while you’re pizzas on it ;)

  118. Em

    At first look I liked this as an idea, but on a small bit of reflection I realise two things

    a) I work at Domino’s, and (at least where I work) when we old the boxes we’re standing, and I personally press the box against my torso to aid in folding the existing perforations to create the box. Adding these perforations potentially would make folding more difficult

    b) Maybe it’s just because I’m a student, but generally if you’ve ordered pizza don’t you just eat it out of the box anyway? I’ve never used a plate for take out pizza

  119. kidspice

    I work at Whole Foods Market. This is what we use. Regardless of the potential fails, I think it is pretty creative and fun for kids. Makes taking the pizza to the ball fields civilized.

  120. blahblam

    I think the point here is to save plates?

  121. jay

    hokay. this isn’t a GREEN idea, but it IS new and interesting and convenient, especially for eating outdoors/on the run. but what you all say about recycling really irks me. you live in such a backwards country. can’t recycle this, might aswell put that in landfill etc etc. come to new zealand. we take recycling and composting to a whole new level. and as for landfill, i hop you are proud to ruin such a beautiful earth with your wasteful ways. congrats to whoever thought of this, i think it is magnificent.

  122. Sarah

    Leftover… pizza? Does not compute.

  123. Adam DeLuca


    I am wondering if this idea is being used? I would like to get in contact with the individual who thought of this design.

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