Motorized Golf Cart Scooter

Motorized Golf Cart Scooter

Mantys is a personal four-wheeled vehicle that combines the best features of an electric golf cart, Segway, and a scooter.

Powered by two 24 volt batteries, Mantys comes with a top speed of 12.5 mph and will last up to 36 holes on a single charge.

Mantys Golf Cart

Mantys Scooter

Mantys Golf Cart Scooter

Golf Cart Scooter

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  1. GustaveCo

    Yet ANOTHER way to keep America fat.

  2. Reilly

    I very much agree with GustaveCo

    This is for the laziest people.

  3. lea

    I golfed for a long time and i like to walk now i did like when i had a bag with wheels they do get heavy. Plus most courses wont let you drive that on the grounds the big ones have to stay on paths

  4. Rick

    Great, for my mother who who has arthritis but still enjoy’s playing golf. But, I just wonder for the safety of public use as these 4wheels are dangerous in area’s for pedestrians.
    Anyway it is a nice combo and interesting to know if it sells.

  5. Craig

    If you’ve got the legs to stand there on the thing then you might as well just walk.

  6. Critical Eye

    Good looking in a minimalist way, and practical. This the game to be played much more quickly, so groups won’t get backed up… keeping players from getting frustrated and letting courses fit more people on each day (more profit). Good design.

  7. Karin L.

    No, really?

  8. Sara

    My bro’s eyes went gaga when ho saw this. all his said after 3 minutes of gazing is “THAT is sweet.”

  9. timmay

    well @GustavCo, i dont think its another way to make people fat, it just makes it easier to get around the golf course and alot faster. it could be another way if all you do is ride around the street or something.

  10. Toasty O's

    This thing would rock in a warehouse where a forklift would be to much, and a hand truck to little.

  11. Wondrin

    Apparently Tiger ordered one with a back seat…

  12. Robert

    Where can you buy one and how much are they.

  13. Keith Maynard

    I live in NSW Australia. Where can I buy it. Price?

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