Back Seat Mattress

Back Seat Mattress

Inflatable mattress for your car will transform the back seat area into a small bedroom with comfortable bed.

Forget about expensive hotels. Now you can take naps and sleep in your car when you go on a road trip.

Inflatable Car Mattress. Takes minutes to set up. Folds for easy storage.

Inflatable Car Mattress

Backseat Mattress

Car Mattress

Inflatable Car Mattress

Inflatable Back Seat Mattress

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  1. Thomas

    It was about time someone invented this. I spent my whole childhood sleeping on the back of my parents car, having the belts crushing my back, belly or legs and having hard time finding a comfortable position !!

  2. Rudy

    Looks cozy. Not many people go camping this way so I hope this is not bought to have your kids sleeping in the back while…driving… Not safe.
    Lot of work for comfort. Too many negatives to outway the positive.

  3. Pearl Lamie

    So many cities now making it illegal to sleep in one’s car! :-(

  4. Gert

    Be homeless in style!

  5. Obiwan

    OMG, need need need need!

  6. thais

    i NEED this!!

  7. Swiper Fox

    What? A bed only for one?
    When you go for a road trip (as indicated above),
    MOST times you travel with at least one companion.
    As you sleep “comfortably” on the mattress; where would the others sleep?

  8. jimbo

    Awesome. Needed since birth.

  9. Thunder

    I don’t understand why this inflatable mattress is shown used in very expensive cars. People who own these just go to a 5-star hotel where-ever the are. I feel like the one who created this is targeting the wrong audience.

    To me this looks more like a thing for youngsters who go off to see a festival in their crappy car. It definitely doesn’t look like an item to be used by the rich and famous.

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