Titanium Computer Mouse

Titanium Computer Mouse

ID Mouse by Intelligent Design was created for those who demand perfection at their fingertips.

This impressive computer mouse is made from grade 1 titanium, high quality plastic (resin), and comes with a 3-button neodymium scroll wheel.

However, priced at $1200, this stylish mouse is not for everyone.

Titanium ID Computer Mouse

Titanium ID Wireless Mouse

Titanium ID Bluetooth Mouse

Titanium Mouse

Titanium ID Mouse

Titanium Bluetooth Mouse

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  1. Grant McDonald

    it looks similar to the new Magic Mouse by Apple. I think they are both well deigned but they look terrible.

  2. Megan

    Looks beautiful, but in this economy they will not have many sales.

  3. JamesLucas

    Sure, it’s beautiful, but is it fast enough to rack up the frags?

  4. Critical Eye

    Beautiful, but how is this a functional improvement over any garden variety mouse? Does it showcase any technological breakthroughs? Is it more ergonomically correct?

    As a piece of art, I like it a lot. As an example of industrial design… not so much (especially at $1200).

  5. chazzzz

    I think its amazing, should you need anyone to look after it, let me know !

  6. Brad Pyne

    Looks cool but very uncomfortable.

  7. Steve

    It’s cool enough to get people’s attention.

  8. Chad

    Doesn’t seem like it would be comfortable with the straight edges . . . might be cooler if it was one composite piece of metal with rounded edges like Gehry’s egg sculpture at the Millennium Park in Chicago.

  9. aaron

    Another example of irresponsible, self-indulgent product design.The hard side edges can’t be comfortable over a long period of use.Why titanium? Isn’t there a more appropriate material in light of limited resources and comfort considerations?
    This should have never left the computer screen.

  10. Thomas

    ok, great. does it work? How many DPI, how many IPS, response time, how many buttons can be accessed simultaneously, is it macroable, laser or optical?

    Or is it just a fancy paperweight for fancy people who don’t even know what a precision tool a mouse needs to be?

  11. Karin Stewart

    A beautiful design but the price is too high even for titanium!

  12. jassi


  13. Derek

    Stylish, but definitely not designed for every day use.

    You know how hard it is to use those teensy tiny scroll wheels? And the sharp edges would bug me after an hour or so..

  14. froi

    Beautiful! Perfect for my new laptop. How about it’s size and its weight? Is it comfortable?

  15. Beycon

    beautifull…thnks for post

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