Wood Burning Hot Tub

Wood Burning Hot Tub

Innovative hot tub designed by Floris Schoonderbeek allows people to take warm outdoor bath anywhere in the world.

Portable hot tub has enough space for 4 adults. Dutchtub is wood fired so there is no need for electricity. All you need is water and some firewood.

Portable Wood Burning Hot Tub

Modern Hot Tub

Outdoor HotTub

Portable Hot Tub

Mobile Hot Tub

Wood Burning HotTub

Portable HotTub

Outdoor Hot Tub

Weltevree Dutchtub


Wood Fired Hot Tub

Mobile HotTub

Dutch Tub

Hot Tub

Modern HotTub

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  1. Fakhri

    Still, too big

  2. reason

    So what does it mean when they show 6 adults in the cup acting comfortable? Anyway, who wants to transport a giant container around and then find suitable water to fill it. No mention of the water aspect.

  3. Ug

    The only thing unique is its shape, which looks a lot less comfortable than the usual wooden one

  4. Stace

    I can’t wait to go hot tubbing in my bath tub!

  5. Masteroche

    Starbucks anyone!!!!lol!!

  6. Enrico Martinez

    Hmmm! Must be nice to put veggies in the tub and make some stew. Hi hi hi!

  7. Douglas

    All you need is water and some firewood!!! Seriously??

  8. Mark

    Have you ever tried to keep a fire burning hot???? You’d be constantly in and out of that thing not to mention the smoke you’d be breathing with it that close. Cool idea but not practical.

  9. Dave

    Giant salsa bowls? Great, now I’m hungry.

  10. Adrian

    These are great – could be practical depends how & where you live :)

  11. Bryan

    Where can I buy one of these amazing hot tubs??

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