14 Unusual Computer Mouse Designs

14 Unusual Computer Mouse Designs

Creative and unusual computer mouse designs from all over the world.

Inflatable Computer Mouse

If you do not have space in your notebook bag for a regular mouse, this is the one to consider. [more info]

Inflatable Computer Mouse

Inflatable Mouse

Egg Computer Mouse

Elecom’s Egg computer mouse features beautiful design and comes in a variety of colors that would make even the Easter Bunny proud.

Egg Computer Mouse

Zero Computer Mouse

Beautiful computer mouse concept by Oliver Rosito combines state of the art design with lightweight materials. [more info]

Zero Computer Mouse

NES Controller Computer Mouse

NES-inspired computer mouse. Only a concept at this time.

NES Controller Computer Mouse

Washable Computer Mouse

Belkin’s water-resistant computer mouse can survive spills and can be hand-washed under the faucet. [more info]

Washable Computer Mouse

Mus2 Computer Mouse

Mus2 cordless optical two-button mouse not only controls the cursor on the screen, but looks like one, too.

Mus2 Computer Mouse

Body Computer Mouse

Even though it is just a concept, Chris Lomaka’s Body computer mouse is still very creepy.

Body Computer Mouse

MLB Baseball Cap Computer Mouse

Baseball fans will love using this unusual MLB ball cap mouse.

MLB Baseball Cap Computer Mouse

Real Mouse Computer Mouse

Homemade travel-size computer mouse. Fully functional, and furry!

Real Mouse Computer Mouse

Real Mouse Mouse

Ezkey Keypad Computer Mouse

One thing that you miss when working from a laptop is a proper keypad. This computer mouse takes care of that problem.

Ezkey Keypad Computer Mouse

Gold Brick Computer Mouse

It seems only right that computer mice, which were once such brick-like tools should, in these ‘interesting times’ return to being bricks again.

Gold Brick Computer Mouse

Hand Grenade Computer Mouse

Unique computer mouse mod: hand grenade, don’t pull the pin!

Hand Grenade Computer Mouse

MX Air Computer Mouse

Logitech’s MX Air rechargeable cordless computer mouse tracks motion even after you lift it in the air. [more info]

MX Air Computer Mouse

Aircraft Computer Mouse

This unusual computer mouse is available in black or white and features two buttons, a scroll wheel and LED lights.

Aircraft Computer Mouse

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  1. Paul Sample

    hand grenade is awesome!!

  2. Johan Arif

    Toxel IS awesome!

  3. Jaqi Mugo

    Real mouse and body parts mouse ugly, very disturbing, eww!

  4. Richi

    Body Computer Mouse was distasteful. I would like to try the Inflatable one. :)

  5. Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    What a crazy list! Some of these were absolutely outrageous, like the Body Computer mouse or the Real Mouse design. There is just one thing that bothers me now – ergonomics. I’m sure the designers were too busy creating unique mouse designs to worry about that!

  6. orphicpixel

    this is cool, i like the real mouse :)

  7. JanSx

    Gold bar for me!

    “Real mouse” and “fingers” # YUKK !!

  8. Karla

    the “real” mouse is kinda gross..but funny. :P

  9. Om Ipit

    hohoho i love this list

  10. Jef

    the EZKey is cool but ugly. the MX air is awesome!

  11. Mniya

    wow wow wow hahaha really very cool mouses

  12. Kent

    I have seen so many mice over the years, but seldom such fun designs. As for me, I like a big mouse, a rat. I had an ergonomic mouse once that came in 3 sizes, and left or right hand models.

  13. bob

    ow my god (gay tone) love em all especially the naked mouse

  14. James @ Left Handed Mouse

    Wow, really cool stuff! The retro Nintendo mouse is fantastic! I have had the Logitech’s MX Air for some time now and absolutely love it, the mouse it so versatile. I highly recommend it!

  15. morteza

    is there any mouse which u can you can use it as a pen and mouse ?

  16. jill

    love the “real mouse”!!!

  17. Jester

    I once owned a mouse that had a switch (sort of like a light switch) instead of a wheel in the middle. If I wanted to scroll up I just pushed and held the switch up, scrolling down worked the same in reverse, and to middle click I just pushed down. I wish I could find a design like that again.

  18. neeraj


  19. TJ

    that is really beast

  20. Shirley

    I like the MX Air Mouse, but who is the tasteless idiot making the dead mouse. As Ashely asked about do the designers forget about Ergonomics, I have a real nasty thing going on in my wrist called carpal tunnel syndrome cause by badly designed mice and keyboards.

  21. zackey

    how expensive is the logitech MX air?
    just wonderin caz im savin up money for one of thoes Blu-ray players, but i think ill just get that mouse instead. prety cool

  22. ann

    i like everything

  23. paige

    hi think that the mouses are fuken stupid is you aks me i will never get one f them

  24. Ashish Kalmegh

    hehe :D
    nice designs and innovations . really changed definition of traditional mouse

  25. Anindita

    hehe nice

  26. emma

    there are also these race car mouses that are really cool and there not just a concept either.

  27. Gavin

    Gee some people have nothing better to do that make weird mouse designs min due some of them are pretty neat

  28. Sarah

    I love the yankees one! :p

  29. IrMa

    Is it comfortable if we use it?? That real “mouse” feel spokey, i don’t like that..
    I like mus2

  30. song

    all cool except body…

  31. jondo

    i think the logitech mx 518 is missing. the ugliest mouse ever

  32. girish

    i like egg mouse.its very cute.

  33. jerry

    i like the MX Air Computer Mouse and the real mouse is real creepy O.O

  34. shai

    the body mouse and the real mouse are so freakin’ creepy! eew. the one with fingers made me puke actually. >.<

  35. Phoenix

    the real mouse thing was pretty disturbing. wonder if they also have Rats in stock.

  36. caitlan

    i really love the inflatable computer mouse i was having a bad day & that really cheered me up lolz <3

  37. Caitlin

    Upon seeing the real mouse one this was my exact thought process:
    “Ew, what!?
    Who would want this?
    Lol… It’s kinda neat though
    It’s awesome! And furry! XD
    I want it >:3”
    and now that I’m done writing this, I’m off to buy it! Thanks ;)

  38. Billy

    NES mouse is awesome. hopeing to get it soon :)

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