Air Board Personal Hovercraft

Air Board Personal Hovercraft

AirBoard is an innovative gasoline powered personal hovercraft that rides on a cushion of air and can go as fast as 15 mph.

Priced at $14,000, it can operate over concrete, asphalt, grass or shallow wet areas, but cannot hover over water, sand, or dirt-filled areas.

Cool Personal Hovercraft

Air Board


AirBoard Personal Hovercraft


Personal Hovercraft

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  1. waldo

    How it a hover craft if it’s still on the ground?

  2. Kate

    Cool! I want it.

  3. unDave

    Sweet, i saw some home-made of this made out of $1000 USD on Myth Busters, nothing like this of course.

    -by unDave™

  4. Anirtak

    it looks awfully heavy

  5. hige


  6. michal

    ….its nothing like skating, surfing etc….esp as none of those sports use gasoline….!! very random.

  7. Makismo

    Well that sucks, its just Wheelies, but bigger and this time when some one bumps into you, you’ll REALLY feel it! And it is by no means a “Hover Craft” if it can not travel over all terrain, including water and “sandy areas”.

  8. Moinid

    Nice gadget :)

  9. cj

    it’s like a really expensive segway:(

  10. gum6y

    any surface – except water!
    so is it a hovercraft then?
    any wheels under that skirt?

  11. unDave

    You guys, I crave attention

    -by unDave™

  12. Hahah

    Can’t go over dirt/soil/water.

    what a pos.

  13. nnn


    when will you people learn!

    besides its really ugly.

  14. JB

    I agree, we are heading to world where peak oil is a reality and other natural resources are following suit.

    There is no room for this.

    And it is nothing like skating, like to see you try and ole a gap, or go for a font side air on that!

    Nothing like surfing

    It’s a hoover craft.

    Good idea, but need to be smarter on the powered front.

  15. mike

    Man, I thought the segway was stupid…. This is even dumber!!!!

  16. brecht

    horrible in so many ways…

  17. D

    traversing sand/water/dirt is WHY you buy a hovercraft? $15,000 to ride over flat parking lots and lawns…for an hour… seriously?

  18. Karin Stewart

    Does it remind you of “Back to the Future”?

  19. swan

    Priced at $14,000……..Too expensive……

  20. Don

    didn`t they showed this on the year 2000 in the Olympic Opening in Sydney?

  21. julie

    Very cool! I love how gay it seems. I want to ride it!!!

  22. brudder

    GASOLINE?! We hardly need a new toy powered by gasoline…lame

  23. Raziel

    Not random ! Creative !

  24. bayilik

    excellent but very expensive.

  25. hallowe'en flavr

    i would rarther buy a segway. this is pretty pointless.

  26. Reilly

    Looks bloody expensive.

  27. amanhem

    i like it,
    but its very expensive

  28. Ian

    5 litre engine ??? NO WAY !

    5 litre fuel tank maybe !

    Lame !

  29. ewan


  30. Vincent

    Give me $100 and I can make the same thing using plywood, duct tape, a tarp, some staples, a half-broken lawnmower, and some grip tape on the deck. I’d probably have the rider standing sideways, of course…

    Same thing with the added bonuses of being able to go over water and sand, as well as having a larger gas tank.

  31. Fiesta guy

    a lil more power and electric motor should do it.

  32. Elphi

    It only lifts up off the ground by an inch or less, so it’s still technically a hover craft. The only benefit it provides is that it doesn’t have any friction on the ground, making the ‘gasoline’ part much more efficient, since it doesn’t battle friction. Also, no friction means that it can take a pretty large amount of weight and transport it effortlessly. It is still too clunky to give that ‘futuristic’ vibe, though.

  33. marc

    nice but much too expensive and not worth this kind of money, you can buy a whole hovercraft machine with more spects on for 11000, and than you can also go over water, with this machine you cannot, it is a gadget but not for the market, value for this product should be aroun 4500 USD MAXIMUM.

  34. Enrico Martinez

    It needs more horsepower, and bigger cushion base.

    More horsepower = easier lifting.

    The bigger cushion base, the bigger area (per square inch) the weight will be distributed.

    Combine the two, you can hover on water, land, sand, swamp; even if its only a few inches above those surfaces.

  35. martin

    expensive piece of sh…. can you go on water with that thing??

  36. Paul Ellis

    I came up with a similar idea 15 years ago, but dismissed it as impractical.
    I am now nearing completion of a prototype “Hoverboard” which has the same fun features, is faster, and far, far less expensive. It features a tiny gas engine and will run for 10 hours without refilling.
    It will go over most surfaces, including water and is 100% buoyant, so if the engine stops, you don’t sink!
    Hopefully it will be available commercially later this year (2015).

  37. student

    will it go faster with a lighter person

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