Hoverbike Prototype

Hoverbike Prototype

Flying motorcycle created by Australian mechanical engineer Chris Malloy.

Powered by a 1170cc engine and two propellers, the final bike will be able to fly at the height of 10,000 feet with the top speed of 170 mph.

The cost of the production model is expected to be around $45,000 AUD.


Hoverbike Concept

Hover Bike

Flying Motorcycle

Chris Malloy

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  1. Van

    this is a blank check with my name on it. write down any price you think is fair for this.

  2. Dominic

    I want one

  3. K.

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  4. jbkilluh

    10,000 feet @ 170mph…

    what a way to get to and from work!!! I’d buy one for 50k!! can we work out a payment plan!?!

  5. MJ

    coolest way to mow your lawn! ;)

  6. Troy

    Cool concept… except, when you get in a minor fender bender, you get your head chopped off.

  7. coolio

    so you are showing a flying bike and dont even have a video if it?

  8. Ben

    @ coolio
    Hahaha, yes ! I was thinking exactly the same thing. Where is the video of this flying bike ?
    Oh, just a concept ! OK ! Well, a very cool one anyway !

  9. Sebe

    This will never work in the real world. Too big, too noisy, too much energy needed. And like Troy pointed out, a small accident will most likely cause serious dmg to the driver and other people involved.

  10. Glenn Contreras

    What about rain puddles?

  11. Phil

    @ Sebe: good to see you understand product development. If we focussed on where it is at now we’d never see anything come of fruit. However a prototype is made so we can further develop it and eventually get it into a working marketable item. Therefore propelling mankind forward rather than stationary.
    This is brilliant lets see more personal jets come to fruition.

  12. Darrell

    OK. But can you ACTUALLY ride it?? They didn’t show the thing move. From what I can see, its just a seat with big fans. Looks like if they took those binders off, the whole thing would just fly up and flip over. I can’t see this working..

  13. el_macabron

    4 the half of the money he could design a functional prototipe of space bike propeled by ions, sell it to the NASA and make a couple buks to keep playin’ with something else, why not a comercial version of the batpod? i would buy it instead some bike that require a pilot license and a huge lak of common sense and self love…

  14. Stefano

    Don’t ever even think of trying to fly with that thing..

  15. Yo

    Is it supposed to fly?!

  16. lisa

    I can’t wait to buy one of these for me and my kids.

  17. StanT

    I wonder what’s worse, the danger or the noise generated by this thing.

  18. Sam

    Why can’t you all see that this thing can be a whole lotta fun!! I would get one just to have and play around with, i would love to fly over my house and over the woods and stuff like that, PURE FUN!! wish i could afford it

  19. Majin Nick

    it would be fun, but it would also be pointless.

  20. Mackman

    i think this is a great step in the future. i hope i am not to old to try this out. what a way to travel, just fly with the birds. COOL.

  21. Enrico Martinez

    Unstable balance. That’s why in the pictures, its operating/hovering with harness at the sides tied to the ground.

    Expect wind turbulence. It can easily flip sideways, or head over heels. It can not fly high up without compromising its balance.

    @ Mackman, if you just fly with the birds, the birds might be sucked into the propeller causing engine/propeller malfunction while high in the sky.

    The propellers should be at full-stop when deploying parachute. Or else it would be sucked too.

  22. Eric

    This design, while beautiful, has absolutely no stability control. There is no reason this bike would actually travel upwards, it would just as soon sideways.

  23. shaun cummins

    Personally, I am a big fan of this project. OK its early stages, but it was only just over 100 years ago that the Wright Bros flew the first plane just over a 100 metres. Look how exponentially the world has moved on with aircraft and space travel etc. Example also telephones to mobile brick phones to computer phones.

    Possibly it might only need another two sideways rotors for stability, not unlike the present Drones that you can buy in a hobby shop. A lot of weight in them as well for the amount of thrust that can be acheived.

    Worth considering also, that a lot of the technology that we have today, including what mobile phones are now capable of, can be attributed to the research that NASA has done sending shuttles and space vehicles to other planets.

    Plus when, not if, these hoverbikes become viable, the technology is already here for cars to drive themselves, i.e. won’t crash into another vehicle, just like bubbles bouncing off each other. Fair enough that “flying”, navigation, law enforcement, airspace territories and boundaries, terrorist activities etc. will need to be taken into consideration, but I reckon it will be a Go’er. Road traffic in 3D! Thumbs up for me !!

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