Barbecue Grill Table

Barbecue Grill Table

Innovative table for your backyard has eight separate grilling stations where every person can cook their own meal.

Prepare food, enjoy the crackling of the fire, and eat meat with your friends.

Removable grill dome keeps the fire safe and contained within the fire pit.

JAG Grill designed for a relaxed and memorable dining experience.

Barbecue Grill

BBQ Table

Grill Table

JAG Grill

JAG Grill Table

FirePit Grill

FirePit Grill Table

Barbecue Table

BBQ Grill Table

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  1. Ravi

    Cleaning will be a hell…

  2. Anakin

    Pretty neat. The only problem is that if it’s a bit windy, you will have at least 1 or 2 smoked people for desert…

  3. Jon b

    A lot of charcoal , everyone will be covered in Soot

  4. jimbo

    Awesome. Should be for a restaurant with a big hood and gas instead of charcoal though.

  5. Dustin

    Looks hot.

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