10 Cool Modern Lamp Designs

10 Cool Modern Lamp Designs

The most creative and unique modern lamp designs from all over the world.

Duck Hunt Lamp

Creative lamp design inspired by old Nintendo video game in which players use the NES Zapper to shoot ducks on screen for points.

Duck Hunt Lamp

Moonwalk Lamp

Cool lamp made by a talented French designer Thomas De Lussac.

Moonwalk Lamp

Perspektiva Lamp

Transparent House flipped the whole notion behind the camera: instead of taking in light, the camera is now the light source.

Perspektiva Lamp

X Lamp

This modern lamp forces itself into your viewpoint with it’s pointed sides and unique design. No longer will you think of lamps simply as a means to see in the dark.

X Lamp

Book of Lights Lamp

Takeshi Ishiguro’s coffee table book transforms into a beautiful pop-up lamp powered by a low voltage adapter.

Book of Lights Lamp

Bowling Lamp

Creative lamp designed by Josh Owen turns off when knocked over.

Bowling Lamp

Luau Portable Lamp

Luau turns bright tabletop lighting into a robust, portable, tactile product that is equally useful indoors and out.

Luau Portable Lamp

Security Camera Lamp

Designed by Antrepo Design Industry and titled “Spoticam”. It comes with an adjustable arm, so that you can use it on your table or wall.

Security Camera Lamp

Calgao Hangman Lamp

Creative hangman inspired table lamp by enPieza! design studio.

Calgao Hangman Lamp

Elephant Lamp

Elefante – creative elephant inspired lamp design from Sweden.

Elephant Lamp

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  1. Rebekah

    Love the Book of Lights lamp! So ingenious!!

  2. Niyari

    <3 the hangman one

  3. Anne

    I like hangman. :)

  4. izzy

    the camera and tripod is pretty neat.

  5. Hao

    It would be cool if a lamp-shaped camera took the picture of the Perspektiva Lamp.

  6. Gonzo

    Haha! Hangman Lamp, genius!

  7. batterycentury

    Wow, very interesting.

  8. FoxyBoxers

    doesnt ikea have a section on “lamps that dont look like lamps”?
    still cool. hangman lamp win.

  9. Beck

    Perspektiva and Book of Lights Lamp are pretty neat!

  10. Nilez

    Hangman! Awesome!

  11. Don

    OMG Duckhunt Me wants <3

  12. Karin Stewart

    Very Ingenious!

  13. oscar

    morbid, macabre the hangman.

  14. itsbrandnew

    sorry guys, but I’m not impressed with these selection :(

  15. thisIsMe

    I wonder how I can purchase the hangman lamp. That doesn’t seem to be possible on the website…hmmm…

  16. just me

    hangman lamp!!!!!!!!!! i’m in love!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Int

    Duck hunt is realy creative.
    Hangman is kind of cool.

  18. MrSato

    The hangman lamp is a fantastic piece of art! I just don’t know if I’d actually want to display it in my home. Kinda morbid. It would be even more morbid if the light would constantly fade in and out between very dim and little more than dim… representing the life fading from the corpse.

  19. Igor

    Hello, found this guy from Germany he creates awesome cool Lights. A kind of
    machine Art, perfectly made. See: http://www.frankbuchwald.de
    Best Igor

  20. Reilly

    The hangman one is sort of depressing…

  21. kobe

    the hangman one is kind of racist

  22. Raads

    aaaaargh! i cant decide! i love them all! especially the Elephant Lamp n the Calgao Hangman Lamp n the Moonwalk Lamp and all of them!

    the only criticism i would have are about the….ooops i really thought i had a criticism but i dont :D thats how good they are

  23. linou

    I love so much tke funky Calgao Hangman Lamp ! so fun

  24. James Anzalone

    book lamp is awesome.. I would like to buy that for a bunch of people..


  25. Veronica

    The bowling lamp is cool!

  26. rikitingting

    I LOVE the Hangman lamp! ♥

  27. Aloha Rock

    There’re really cool lamps. I lilke Calgao Hangman, Book of light and Moonwalk lamp :D

  28. April

    I find the hangman lamp very offensive.

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