17 Unusual and Creative Lamps

Unusual and Creative Lamps

Modern lamps come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases creative, unusual, and innovative lamp designs.

Levitating Lamp

Amazing lamp created by Angela Jansen will levitate and illuminate.

Levitating Lamp

Extension Cord Lamp

Unique lamp made by Craighton Berman out of an extension cord.

Extension Cord Lamp

Nuke Lamp

Memorable table lamp designed to look like a Mushroom Cloud.

Nuke Lamp

Zipper Lamp

Beautiful table lamp equipped with four aluminium zip-fasteners.

Zipper Lamp

Fish Lamp

Unique Salmon inspired lamp designed by Minke van Voorthuizen.

Fish Lamp

Beer Can Lamp

Modern eco-friendly desk lamps created out of recycled beer cans.

Beer Can Lamp

Clothes Hanger Lamp

Lamp and clothes hanger combo designed by Hector Serrano.

Clothes Hanger Lamp

Body Lamps

Life size human body shaped lamps designed by Bizzotto.

Body Lamp

2D Lamp

Minimal lamp comes with flexible design that allows easy adjustment of the light direction.

Ring Lamp

Creative lamp designed by Aoi Kaori looks like large diamond ring.

Ring Lamp

Octopus Lamp

Elegant lamp designed by Markus Johansson looks like an Octopus.

Octopus Lamp

Flower Lamps

Beautiful and stylish lamps designed for people that love flowers.

Flower Lamp

Blinds Lamp

Fake window with blinds lamp designed by Makoto Hirahara.

Blinds Lamp

Gun Lamp

Unusual handgun shaped table lamp designed by Philippe Starck.

Gun Lamp

Balloon Lamp

Creative balloon shaped lamp brings back fun childhood memories.

Balloon Lamp

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  1. Niyari

    I like the blinds, very ironic

  2. Lilia Smiles

    The blinds one looks like the sun is shining through! But I think the effect would be better if they used warm light instead of a cold one.

  3. kadal

    clothes hanger lamp was the most awesome…

  4. The Hooded CLaw

    I normally like Starck’s work but that gun lamp looks like something only a Colombian drug dealer would have.

  5. Benjamin Christine

    the blinds light is brilliant! especially if the room has no windows! :)

  6. Noes

    I love the Levitating Lamp. Really Amazing.

  7. Elvisio

    Colombian drug dealers have tons of cash and a short life expectancy – That Starck’s a clever chap.

  8. Katie

    I love the blinds lamp and the beer can lamp.

  9. Ninja Egg :D

    octopus lamp and gun lamp r my favs!

  10. Frederick

    Did anyone look at the blind lamp and think,


  11. Darrell

    The levitating lamp and the blinds are the stuff!

  12. Lau

    Love all except the flower lamps looks like lamps at flip market!

  13. Art of Concept

    Wow! Such creativity is so inspiring! Love the ring!

  14. HannahJet

    blinds are so cool!

  15. Lynn Seago

    Like the human floor lamp, how do you buy one of these

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