Pancake Floor Pillows

Pancake Floor Pillows

Creative pillows designed by Todd von Bastiaans and Bryan McCarthy look like delicious breakfast pancakes.

Stack them on the floor and create your own Pancake Bed. You can even complete the look with realistic butter pillows.

Pancake Pillow

Pancake Pillows by Todd von Bastiaans

Pancake Pillows

Pancake Floor Pillows by Todd von Bastiaans

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  1. Betty


  2. Chewie

    I’ve got a feeling if you ran and jumped onto it, you prob hit your bum on the floor, looks less puffy then other ones :p

  3. Douglas

    No syrup blanket?

  4. Masteroche

    Wow!!! What about green eggs and ham!!!! LOL!!!’

  5. Jacklyn

    I like how it looks, but it might be uncomfortable with a lot of them stacked on each other. Cool though.

  6. Karen

    I’d be kind of grossed out just in case they magically turned into real pancakes while I wasn’t looking.

  7. Bianca

    How do I order these?

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