Airless Bicycle Tires

Airless Bicycle Tires

Innovative airless tires are durable, lightweight, and they will never go flat.

Designed by Brian Russell, the inventor of the Energy Return Wheel.

Rubber is stretched over adjustable carbon fiber rods that act like springs.

No air means no punctures and no ruined or deflated tires. Spend more time on your bike and less time near the bicycle repair station.

Airless Bike Tires

ERW Airless Bicycle Tires

Airless Bicycle Tire

Airless Bike Tire


ERW Airless Bicycle Tire

Energy Return Wheel

Britek Tire and Rubber

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  1. gunneos

    It looks like a bitch to clean, what if it runs over mud?

  2. Megan

    I am sure they will have versions with no holes, this is just a prototype.

    Great invention!

  3. Axl

    How much?

  4. marc

    how about a version for streetbikes?

  5. Pearl Lamie

    And what is the feel?

  6. Gert

    So you hit them with the garden hose when they get muddy. No problem. If you got mud on it weren’t you going to clean it anyways?

  7. argon-76

    can you change only the rubber external part when exausted?

  8. Joe

    As a mountainbiker I’m very skeptical. Carbon fiber rods? Those tires probably cost more than the wheels they’re mounted on. In mud, the wheel will clog up and weigh a ton. And what happens if you want to change tire pressure (which is pretty much every ride)? This seems like a good idea for cars; not so good for bikes.

    And, like argon-76 stated, what happens when the tread wears down?

    Not sold, sorry. Good idea in general, though.

  9. Matt

    this seems like a perfect solution for road bikes, no commuter wants to deal with a puncture.

    Does sound like it might be expensive though

  10. A bored housewife


    My 1964 3 wheel trike tires were airless and tubeless.

    Did someone forget the invention/purpose of struts and shock absorbers?

  11. Mark

    Good design- this has been around for a while actually. The US Army have developed some of these for Hummers that are huge. Really good idea. I suppose it also makes it a lot easier to spot fatigue etc, making it safer.

  12. Larna

    whoa. what if i hit a rock? will it be bumpy or i will just plain fall?

  13. maseki

    How about the noise that they make. If I remember correctly the car version made some pretty loud noise.

  14. adrIRONMan

    there are some version for triathlon?

  15. Jay Crisologo

    great concept… I’d buy but like most worry about
    the simple wear and tear replacement costs on tread.

    why not let me sample a set for my Supermatic 120.
    I’ll test a set of 26’s for you;))

  16. ivan novelo

    where I can buy two tires for my bike 29

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